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Floral-Stenciled Keepsake Box

Store your treasures — jewelry, charms, and other sentimental trinkets — in a beautifully painted chest. It's given a watercolor finish in a pretty pink color and floral pattern.

plaid watercolor box

Photography: John Armitage

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Mix 2 parts "Peony" watercolor craft paint to 1 part water.

    plaid watercolor box materials
  2. Using a large watercolor brush, apply a wash of paint to entire box. Let dry completely and then sand lightly.

  3. Add a second coat if desired to get a more vibrant color; let dry.

  4. Select your stencil designs and cut them from the full sheet; remove backing from first stencil layer and adhere to surface.

  5. Mix 2 parts "Wedding Cake" watercolor craft paint to 1 part water. Using a dauber, pounce paint onto first layer of stencil. Repeat floral design around box as shown. (Tip: to avoid paint bleeding under your stencil, load the dauber with paint then gently pounce it onto a paper towel to remove excess before applying.)

  6. With the second stencil layer, remove backing and adhere stencil over the white flowers. Apply "Copper" watercolor craft paint (no need to mix it with water) to second stencil designs. Repeat, adding second layer of paint to each design; let dry.

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