One Room Challenge {Basement} – The REVEAL!!!!!

Well my friends, we’re here and holy hannah of all crazy things…this one was dare I say, the craziest yet for me.

If you’re just catching up, here’s a look back at week one, week two, week three, week four and week five, with as always, a huge thanks to Linda at Calling it Home for starting this whole wonderous One Room Challenge thing…and of course, for including me in this latest round.

I’m not sure what it is about me in general, but there must be something deep in my inner consciousness that enjoys struggle. When I signed up for this round of the ORC, I immediately knew I wanted to do my basement because well, it was the last bastion of this house to get touched and it was BAAAAD. Like really, really bad. Because we did an addition on a very old house, the various spaces in the basement were insanely disjointed and made no logical sense in terms of layout. We had channels cut in concrete so walking was possible in the hallway…giant HVAC bulkheads running everywhere…trim sort of hacked together and way too much for a bunch of tiny windows…no real storage other than a room under the old house that lacked electricity or any real functionality…dirt…construction debris…piles of unwanted and unused furniture…and just well…overall grossness. It was a space that reminded constantly of the errors I made along the way while renovating this house…it made me sad and anxious and then anxious on top of that…

A small reminder…

And honestly…it was worse then what’s shown here…these shots were taken after we cleared most of the crap out of the spaces…the now playroom/then storage room was literally packed to the rafters with boxes covered in original construction debris.

Anyhoo…you get the idea…BAAADDDDD!!!

So…again, when the opportunity came by to take part in this round of the ORC, I knew this had to be the space…I also knew it would be hard…like really, really hard. And well, it was I promise you, harder then any work I’ve ever done in my life…ever. Like ever. I’ve never in poured myself into anything like I did with this.

Maybe I felt like I needed to redeem myself a bit from this whole house or something…move it past it’s historical flaws…it’s renovation mistakes. Not sure. But what I can say is that whatever was motivating me on this one, was intense. I DIY’d my brains out, built maybe 20 pieces of IKEA furniture, slept so so little it hurt, painted, glued, screwed, nailed, agonized, planned, ordered, shopped, wrote, photographed, analyzed, negotiated, designed, styled, worked and then worked some more…and at this moment as I sit writing this post at 3am after another night of maybe 2 hours sleep, I feel freaking proud of myself…like really. I also, and more importantly, feel SO INSANELY GRATEFUL to everyone who helped me along the way.

I’m going to call out people and sponsors as they come up throughout the deluge of pictures but to begin, it makes sense to start at the beginning so a giant thanks to my architectural designer Katherine who set forth a plan on paper that I knew had the potential to completely change the function and look of the whole space. I’ve long learned that proper plans are essential to this sort of renovation and having someone on my team that has so much architectural talent is well, quite simply, invaluable.

Once again, here is what the original plans outlined…

Next, up on the thanks list, my contractor Andrew Burke and his team. I really don’t know where to start on this one but quite simply, they were incredible. I’m endlessly grateful for their commitment to my project and to the ridiculous effort they put into to getting it across the finish line. These guys pulled so many late nights and long hours to get my basement finished, including a 26 hour shift prior to the photo shoot yesterday…and at no point, was any work not put forth without an extreme attention to detail and wonderful care for the final product. I honestly can’t express my gratitude enough. My basement looks the way it does because they worked with all of it’s little weird nuances and so carefully worked with every one to customize literally every piece of everything…beyond, beyond impressive and I can’t recommend or thank them enough.

We also had a fabulous electrician who went the extra mile so a large high five and thanks to Dave at Greybrook Electric…also Peter my painter and RMS for pitching in on my concrete floors and stairs.

ho took plans and built them.

PS…the first photo was taken during said 26 hour shift…a much deserved break at maybe midnight…the second, at 5 am on the day of my shoot…note how much was still going on.

These guys = superstars.

And then of course, there’s the ORC sponsors that I used to complete my space…

All Modern | Annie Selke | Arianna Belle | The Mine | Bellacor | Canadian Tire | Citizen Atelier | Bouclair | Crystorama | CandelabraDrop it Modern | Dimplex | Emtek | Fabricut | Farrow & Ball | Framebridge | Fringe Market | GRASS | Haiku Fans | Hapi Art | Home Depot Canada | J & J Made | Jill Rosenwald | Karastan | Lamps Plus | Lazzaro Leather | Metrie | Mimosa Lane | Minted | Mohawk Home | NewWall | On the Wall FramingParima Studio | Rove Concepts |

…more on all the wonderful goodness I received later in the post but for now, sufficed to say, I’m so so so grateful!!!!

Ok so after all of that, it’s picture time.

First up, a series of pictures taken by the amazingly talented Ashley Capp that really show you the rooms and how they look as a whole…

From these, you can see we completed my hallway/staircase, secret playroom, hall nook, main living area, and bedroom (or the lady lounge as I like to now call it:)

I snapped some additional shots on my own to show a little more of what’s in the spaces, and of course, want to share where everything came from so…

Here’s that on a room by room basis, as you travel down…

Stairs, hallway and nook…

…my contractor made the floor boards ( yes MADE them…amazing) out of Metrie 1″ x 6’oak flat stock…the stairs were also clad in it and that was generously done by RMS.

…the beautiful agate pouf is by Hapi Art.

…family photos by Kieran Darcy, framed by Framebridge.

…the framed artwork is from Minted, and all the oak sheeting and supplies to make the cabinetry that runs the length of the hallway, was supplied by Home Depot Canada.

…jute bleached runner from Candelabra.

…Animal House Men in Black wallpaper is NewWall, carpet Karastan, wood side table and Justina Blakely pillow Candelabra, artwork Minted, sofa, large ‘Jassa’ reed bowl and plant IKEA Canada, trundle basket and magazine rack EQ3.

…oak veneer Home Depot Canada, oak shelving Metrie, black and white vase is Jill Rosenwald, black vase by Candelabra.


I thought I’d do the details of all these shots at the end because there’s a lot in this room lol…so here she goes:

Beautiful photograph above the sofa, Mimosa Lane
Yellow Fringe on DIY lamp, Fringe Market
Sconces, All Modern (painted in Canadian Tire Premier Paint, in Cloud Cover)
Sofa, Restoration Hardware Teen
Ottoman and Gnome, the Mine
Sideboard, my own…painted in Farrow and Ball St Giles Blue, Full Gloss
Artwork above sideboard, Anewall
Wallpaper, Closet Stripe by Farrow and Ball
Vintage army wall hanging and cloche, Morba
Paper Garlands, Atelier Sukha
Trio of framed photographs on top of wood console, Nicole Cohen
Art Frames, LED display box, IVAR wood cabinets, side tables (Lisabo and Rekarne), Stockholm 2017 armchair (teddy bear chair,) paper roll, pencil crayons, crayon cups, IKEA Canada
Carpet (Savanna Scenes Antelope,) Karastan – install of this one and nook carpet by Alexanian
Blue floral and green velvet pillow, Arianna Belle
Fabric on little Louis chair (Box Fur and About You,) Fabricut
Fabric on floral Alky chair, Fabricut
Upholstery by J & J Made
Basket under side table, Canadian Tire
Cactus sculpture, Black Rooster Decor

Living room…

…side table by Candelabra and bench from The Mine.

Incredible florals for entire reveal by the insanely talented Coyote Flowers!!!

…left pillow, All Modern and right by Candelabra.

…my new stunning IgniteXL 74″ electric fireplace is by Dimplex…wood boxes below are made from Home Depot Canada oak plywood. The mirror is HomeSense.

…dream Flag Halyard chair, walnut dining table and tulip dining chairs are Rove Concepts, grey carpet is Annie Selke and the beige carpet is Mohawk Home.

sheepskin is the Mine.

…brown velvet pillow (fabricut and sewing by Hollie Cooper Interiors).

…side table, Black Rooster Decor, floor lamp by Lamps Plus and sheers throughout living room are by Hollie Cooper (who is PS, the bestest friend a girl could hope for and helped me so much come reveal time!!!!)

…stump tables, Bouclair.

…fabric on Louis chair, Olea by Fabricut…again rug, Annie Selke, side tables Bouclair and amazing fireplace, Dimplex.

The living room paint is a combo of Farrow and Ball All Black, Wimborne White and Slipper Satin.

Wallpaper…a custom colourway of Drop it Modern’s Parisian Mural…and a quick note on the wallpaper…as I’ve spoken about in earlier posts, I worked with Bree from Drop it Modern on this paper and the one in the bedroom…what a dream to be able to create custom papers for this project. Drop it Modern is just my favourite:)

The track lights on the ceiling are by Bellacor…and the beautiful coffee table is by Altea!

Oh and the cabinetry…all the hinge hardware was supplied by my friends at GRASS.

Doors to the bedroom below…Metrie Fashion Forward solid core beauties as per the rest of my house.


And for this space…

Custom floral wallpaper and curtains, Drop it Modern
Floor lamp, Canadian Tire
Platner chair fabric, Adesso by Fabricut…upholstery by J&J Made.
Daybed, tape and fringe, Fringe Market
Side tables on either side of the bed, IKEA Stockholm coffee table
Bolster pillows and velvet pillow (fabric by Fabricut,) Hollie Cooper Interiors
Dining table, Pansy Table by Candelabra
Artwork ‘The Creation of Antilia’, Citizen Atelier
Framing, On the Wall Framing
Artwork beside and above bed (Pyramid and Architecture Noir,) Minted
Side table, All Modern
Hide, Candelabra
Recyled leather rug, Bouclair
Pillow on chair, All Modern
Ceiling fixture, Crystorama
Coyuchi Blanket, The Mine

And that my friends, is this round of my One Room Challenge Bijou Basement Blitz revealed!!!!

I so hope you like it…I/we really do.

After a long few days of finishing and shooting, I finally got to reveal all to my kids last night and it was super fun to see their reaction to the whole thing, and most especially the secret playroom…I’ll leave you with a video of that business…

…along with a final ORC shout-out from them…

…and a HUGE thank you again to Linda from Calling it Home for organzing and dreaming up this whole thing…it’s definitely not ‘for the faint of heart’ sort of challenge but wowzers is it ever gratifying and at the same time, so so much fun!!!!!

Until next time friends…and enjoy today’s other sure to be incredible reveals!!! Centsational Girl | Chris Loves Julia | Christine Dovey | Dwell With Dignity | The English Room | Glitter Guide | House of Brinson | House Updated  | J+J Design Group | Lark & Linen | Abby Manchesky | Nesting Place | Old Brand New | Old Home Love | The Pink Pagoda | Rambling Renovators | Erica Reitman | Sketch 42 | Suburban B’s | Erin Williamson  | Media Partner House Beautiful | TM by CIH

I for one can’t wait to pour through every one of them…after a giant nap…and a giant hug fest with my kids since I feel like I haven’t seen them in a week…same goes for the husband…the good egg made no less then five or so trips to Lewiston, NY to pick up deliveries for me…and single parented for the last few weeks so yes…grateful and happy and tired lol.

Oh and one more quick note…I think I’ll do a construction post/behind the scenes look at the stuff that went into actually building this whole thing. Stay tuned for that in the next week or so:)


  1. DYING! This is hands down the chicest basement ever. I wanna come play. Bravo on surviving the One Room Challenge and a stunning reveal!

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    You must be incredibly proud of these spaces – so much to take in. Congrats on not only finishing this giant task in a short time frame but turning this space into beautiful rooms that your family will enjoy for years to come. xo

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    Love every bit. You are an inspiration xx

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    This is just an unbelievable transformation, and in no way does this look like a basement! You should really receive a design award for this project! You have set the bar incredibly high for future ORC participants. Great space!

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