How To Get More Instagram Likes, According To A Woman Who Has Thousands Per Post

Photo: Courtesy of Emily Henderson.
Interior designer and HGTV host Emily Henderson knows what it takes to post a winning photo on Instagram. Since launching her account a little more than four years ago, she's amassed a following of 567,000 users and earns thousands of likes per photo.
However, finding what works and doesn't work has been a process of trial and error. Some types of photos that Instagrammers used to love no longer get the engagement and number of likes that they once earned. "Every day and month is different and it changes as we innovate and social media grows," Henderson says. "Flexibility and innovation are key."
The New York Times best-selling author of Styled has translated her numbers of likes and followers into valuable brand partnerships, with everyone from Target and American Express, to Parachute bedding.
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