• Making a Net Produce Bag


    I’m always finding sand and crumbs at the bottom of my bags and it drives me nuts. We’ve got a fun project for a net produce bag that holds all your stuff, minus the crumbs. Great for a trip to the park, beach, or the weekend farmer’s market. Here’s how to make it…

    DIY net produce bag

    Supplies: natural macrame cord, scissors (that’s it!)

    DIY net produce bag

    Step 1: Cut 18 strands of cord 96 inches long each. You’ll also cut one main rope that all the others will be knotted to that’s about 80 inches long. Fold the rope in half and knot it around the main line.

    DIY net produce bag

    Pull it tight and continue down the line. You want them to be pretty close together, less than an inch so the bag’s holes won’t be too big. Continue down the main line for about 20 inches.

    DIY net produce bag

    Step 2: After you’ve gone all the way down the line,  you’ll start gathering one piece from each knot to connect them into a second layer of knots, leaving the first string unattached.

    DIY net produce bag

    Step 3: Continue with another row, with the same knotting you did before. You’ll make the knots all the way down the length of the bag. We made about 8 rows of them.

    DIY net produce bag

    Step 4: Fold it in half and grab the extra strand you left out in step 2.

    DIY net produce bag

    Step 5: Now you’ll be weaving the unattached string through the two sides making knots between each loop to connect them together.

    DIY net produce bag

    Step 6: Take an extra piece of cord and tie a tight knot around the bottom in the front and back, trimming the bottom of the fringe as well.

    Step 7: Take the extra cord from the main line and attach it with a knot to the bottom to make a shoulder strap or backpack.



    Fill with your farmer’s market goodies or snacks for a picnic at the park with the kids.

    Crafting and modeling by Gaby Viglas. Photography by Liz Stanley. 


    1. Les said… May 30, 2017 3:21 pm

      this is perfect!!!!

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    6. Holly said… May 9, 2017 4:48 am

      This is such a cool idea, I can’t wait to give it a go!

    7. beAndbe said… May 8, 2017 9:12 pm

      This is super gorgeous, Liz!

    8. This is the perfect bag for groceries – perfect way to look stylish even at the wet market!

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