4 Inspiring Life Lessons We All Need, Courtesy of Netflix’s ‘Girlboss’

First things first, I hope you’ve all read #GIRLBOSS. If you haven’t, I’d like to urge you to put down your phone, computer, or whatever other electronic device you are currently using to read this, and go read that instead. (Actually, maybe you could finish this article first. That would mean a lot to me.)

#GIRLBOSS is part-memoir, part-guidebook, part-girlpower-beach-read written by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal, an eBay-store-turned-international-retailer. #GIRLBOSS is the kind of book you should re-read every year (at least), because you can gain something new from it each time you pick it up. It is for anyone who colors outside the lines, anyone who wants to go into business (for themselves or otherwise), and for anyone who just wants to gain a little perspective and a lot of confidence.

For those of you who have already read the book, the show comes at a bit of a shock at first. The storyline is only kinda the same – Each episode begins with a black screen featuring only the words “What follows is a loose retelling of real events. Real loose.” But fear not, book fans: There are more than a few super-fun nods to the real story, including but not limited to: a cringe-worthy story about a bra, a tale from yesteryear regarding a red string, and, of course, a Starbucks habit to which we can all relate.


The best thing about this show (and the story it’s based on) is that its characters are irreparably flawed, but painlessly lovable nonetheless.


The show is enjoyable as hell. The soundtrack is obscure without being pretentious, the acting is extravagant without being ridiculous, and the humor is biting without being tasteless. It’s one of the most binge-able shows I’ve ever seen, and I can honestly say that the 20-30 minute episodes flew by. So if you can get over the fact that it’s a not-real story about a very-real person, you’ll do just fine.

All that being said, without giving too much away, here are my favorite lines from the show’s first season, as well as what exactly they say about the show (and Sophia’s story) as a whole.


“F#@king men. YOU have to work twice as hard. They know it, you know it, and they know you know it.”

First thing’s first, Sophia’s fictional best friend Annie is the realest. A lot of the best lines of the show were said by Annie, but this is for sure one of her best. At its core, “Girlboss” is a feminist story of a woman who had nothing and created everything she wanted. She had a vision, a dream, and a goal, and she fought against the men (a sneering store owner, an asshole landlord, even her own father) who stood in her way. “Girlboss” is amazing because it tells the story of a woman who took her talents, found her passion, and used them all to change the world (and make a hell of a lot of money).


“You’re fireworks. You’re Pop Rocks. You’re like birthday cake every day.”

While this line wasn’t said to Sophia (It was said to Annie!), it’s a perfect descriptor of Sophia’s character. Sophia was crazy, unpredictable, scary, imperfect, and flawed. She was everything a heroine should be, but better – because she represents not only success, but real-life failure as well. The best thing about this show (and the story it’s based on) is that its characters are irreparably flawed, but painlessly lovable nonetheless. Real life is far from perfect, so Sophia (and Annie) shouldn’t be either.


“I only agree to disagree. I am straight-up disagreeable.”

Sophia said this line to a rival vintage seller who shows up at her apartment one day. I loved this part not only because it was super witty, but it was also one of many times Sophia stood up to someone hating on her, and one of many times Sophia admitted to her own flaws. Sophia is unashamedly herself, even when that’s not always a good thing. Lesson to be learned: Always strive to improve, but don’t be afraid to embrace your flaws as pieces of who you are.


“You’re a success, regardless of if you sell a single item… You pushed through the pins and you made an impression on the world that wasn’t there before.”

Finally, “Girlboss” is about fighting against The Man to do whatever you feel needs to be done. In a touching scene where Sophia considers throwing in the towel, Annie reminds her that success is not based on monetary figures. Success is based on the mark you make on the world. Sophia touched lives with her clothes and proved that this goal is nothing short of honorable. This line reminds all of us #GIRLBOSSes out here that there is no legacy too small if it’s one that’s important to you.

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