7 Things You'll Regret Tossing, According to History

Allyson Payer

Have you ever heard your mother lament that she wishes she hadn't gotten rid of a "trendy" piece in the past, upon seeing you wear the trend in the present day? (Probably on multiple occasions, right?) As you know, history repeats itself, especially when it comes to fashion. These days, it seems that every year brings with it a new decade to revive. For example, last year's '90s craze is currently making way for this year's '80s resurgence.

When editing your wardrobe each season, it can be tempting to purge it of "trendy" pieces that you may be tired of wearing or that may not feel as fresh as they did last year. But history has ultimately shown that the most significant trends will likely return. To find out what the current trends are that keep coming back, we reached out to Marissa Benedetto, the lead stylist at top online luxury resale store The RealReal. (Its inventory is a fashion girl's dream.)  Benedetto is on the cusp of returning trends and gave us a slew of insight into which trends you should hang on to. After all, wouldn't it be nice to wear or pass down your very own vintage pieces when they come back around?

Keep scrolling to see which trends you'll regret tossing, according to Benedetto (with both historical and present-day street style examples), and shop our picks for each!

Drag the arrow to the left to see the trend being worn in present-day…

Have you ever tossed something, and then regretted it when it came back in style? Tell us in the comments!

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