5 Ridiculously Easy Swaps to Save Money on Your Wedding
March 3, 2017
Every bride wants to plan an unforgettable wedding while sticking to their budget. That's just a given. So we've officially taken out the legwork and rounded up five sneaky little ways to save money from food to paper, accessories and more. They're so simple, so easy - and we promise - won't cramp your wedding vibe one bit.

Casual Food Stations

Not only are food stations a fun, interactive way to get your guests up and moving, but they'll probably save you money over a formal seated dinner. Think build-your-own tacos, hand-rolled sushi, wood-fired pizza or whatever menu suits your taste. We promise, your guests will love you for it.

Reinvent the Program

We love pretty paper as much as the next girl, but if you're tight on funds consider one large display program placed at the entrance to your ceremony space.

Borrow Your Accessories

Finding a bridal look for less is no easy feat, but if you're willing to borrow accessories over buying brand new, you'll save a pretty penny. Ask around to your recently married friends, sisters, or cousin for pieces you can take on loan and still feel like a million bucks.

Display a Mini Cake

You know the pretty cake you showcase and cut at the reception? It doesn't have to feed everyone. Keep your display cake small + elegant, and serve your guests a yummy sheet cake pre-cut in the back.

Nix the Favors

This is more of a skip than a swap, but don't be afraid to nix the wedding favors and save some cash. It's always fun to spoil your guests, but the truth is, they probably won't give much thought to the gesture. Especially if they're busy busting moves on the dancefloor.