A Story of Leftover Flowers


As you know, after a wedding many gorgeous blooms simply end up in the bin. Inspiration struck me one day, after a particularly beautiful set of used peonies were laying in the trash. In an effort to repurpose these lovely details, Jaimee Morse Photography, Maven Events/ Floral/Styling and I collaborated after three separate weddings to save these florals, label their blossoms, and preserve their beauty through photography. 

The first series, and closest to my own heart, featured "garden flowers" and included leftover floral from a wedding with a soft, feminine aesthetic. Give me an olive branch and a peony and I am yours forever. Some of the blooms were found at our local floral wholesaler in Minneapolis - a handful of these are seasonal and availability depends upon location - however peonies and Queen Anne's lace (also known as wild carrot) are very popular in midwestern spring gardens. Not only did we lay each piece out for labeling, but took it the next step to create a unique visual representation of each bouquet—this floral sculpture nods to the shape of a desert cattle skull or "found" antler shed. When arranging these blooms in a bouquet, it's best to take your cues from the soft, organic nature of these particular blossoms and vines - keep the bouquet shape moderately loose, using the ranunculus and hyacinth to give texture and dimension to the larger focal point of the peony. Wrap it all up with a naturally dyed silk ribbon to maintain that elegant, garden-party look.

The second "tropical" series comes from a bolder bride who isn't afraid of color and modern lines. Depending on your location, ask your florist for bright poppies and vibrant peonies—balancing warm yellows/oranges with deep purple & rich rose colors. We also included the white orchid and sage scabiosa to break up the saturated palette. These peonies opened up their hearts for the shoot and revealed their eden-colored stamen to us, adding another component of texture to compliment the large round petals found on the peonies, orchids and poppies. Placing poppy buds, freesia, & tiny garden roses in the floral sculpture added the finishing touch to this bold, balanced vignette. This bouquet can be wrapped a bit tighter to keep some of the looser stems in place, add a little greenery to give it some depth but remember this bouquet is about the beautiful blossoms & you can style yourself as a southern pacific bride. 

Botanicals & Calligraphy-0013.jpg

The final series (wild flowers) drew heavily from the burgeoning roadside fields in western Wisconsin and wildflower gardens of Minnesota. The Midwest is absolutely teeming with delicate blossoms and grasses, and this bride took advantage of it to suit her budget. While the garden flower series highlighted larger blooms, this series focuses on the more delicate side of organic style. This bouquet is all about texture and we love it! Grab a few non-natives from your florist, like Blushing Bride & Foxtail Lilies (native to Afghanistan and Turkistan), to round out this rustic, diaphanous collection.

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Full Story Credits: Photography by Jaimee Morse Photography Floral & Styling by Maven Events Concept & Calligraphy by Shasta Bell Calligraphy