How to keep your delicates in tiptop shape

Doing the laundry seems like a simple enough chore, right? We all know the cardinal rules: separate your lights and darks, don’t put your favorite sweater in the dryer, and always check your pockets. It never crossed our minds that we could potentially be doing our laundry the wrong way. That’s right, ladies, after all these years we’ve found ourselves second-guessing the way that we handle our delicates. When it comes to the washing machine, not all clothes were created equal. Delicate bras and undergarments should be washed with care to ensure that they’ll last for months to come. So before you thoughtlessly toss your clothes into the washing machine, scroll down to see how you should be properly pampering your bras…

If you’re going to use a washing machine:

First things first—if you’re going to put your bra into the washing machine, be sure to place it into a mesh bag. Mesh bags help bras retain their shape and prevent them from getting caught on all of your other clothes. Because let’s face it, that happens all the time!

Set your washing machine on the delicate setting and use a detergent specifically made for either cashmere or delicates in general. Do not wash your bras with other heavy-duty items. After the laundry cycle is finished, air-dry your bra instead of placing it in the dryer.

If you’re going to wash by hand:

Washing your bras by hand may seem like a tedious task, but it’s one of the best ways to keep them in tiptop shape. If you’re going to hand wash, use cold water with minimal detergent. Let your bra soak for about 15 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly. Do not wring your bra out; that could damage the shape and stretch it out! Instead, press the water out gently and let it air-dry. Tip: When hanging your bra to air-dry, do not hang it by the straps. Hang it from the center between the cups.

And there you have it! Two foolproof ways to keep your delicates like brand new. If you’re looking to master the rest of your laundry pile, be sure to read these posts first…

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  • Leah Kauffman

    Already do this!

  • Samantha Lee

    I am SO bad about washing my bras, haha. I always just throw them in the washing machine, but maybe I should start taking better care of them…

  • I love these tips and this reminds me to really get a mesh bag asap.


  • Kari Guastella

    These are good tips. I really don’t take good enough care of my bras!

  • Looks like I’ve been doing it all wrong, hand washing is the way to go! ♥

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    Great tips! I think I should get a mesh bag now…. 😀

  • Delicates are very delicate.

  • These tips are awesome- apparently I’ve been doing it wrong haha!


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  • If you are going to pop your bras into the washing machine, clip them up before you put them in the mesh bags! Most places have special ‘lingerie’ laundry bags, which is more structured. Normal laundry detergent is too harsh for your delicates but special lingerie soap can be vey expensive, so just use some diluted Castille Soap. Works a wonder! x

  • Awesome tips, will bear them in mind. xx

  • Thank you so much for sharing these great tips/tricks! <3 🙂 They're super useful and handy!

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    Does anyone know where I can find some pretty bralettes like those above?