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Jan 31, 2017

How to Host A Girls’ Super Bowl Party

Yes, you can totally host an all girls Super Bowl party! In fact, you definitely should. Take a cue from Beijos Events and throw your own ‘I’m here for the commercials’ Super Bowl soiree. Bring on the wine & cheese, (we’re already sold) and roll out the poufs and pillows so everyone can get a good seat for the half-time show ;). But really, this bash looks like a whole lot of fun that you will want to mimic this weekend! Yes, the Super Bowl is this Sunday. Are you ready for some cocktails.. err football? 

Who says that Superbowl Sunday has to be based around football and men? On Super Bowl Sunday, my husband and his close pals are usually gone on a snowboard trip, and I’m stuck at home with the kids. I just didn’t want to sit there bored at home or spend the day watching the game at some friend’s house. Because frankly, I could care less. I wanted to spend the day with my girlfriends surrounded with yummy food and wine and have our own Sunday Funday. So, I gathered all my close pals whose husbands were on the same trip, and I started the “I’m here for the commercials” party. Because, you know you really only watch the game to see the new commercials and that half time show…
Ready. Set. Eat! I took the infamous Super Bowl essentials and gave it a new modern twist for this girls only gala. A wine + food pairing was a must for this day of fun. A twist on chips and dip were the pretty beet hummus stuffed avocados. To die for! Organicopa wowed us with one pretty deconstructed cheese platter. Forget that bagged popcorn and kick it off with rosemary truffle popcorn. Fried Chicken sliders with arugula and watermelon radishes and one delish citrus salad were here to win!
I’m here for the commercials! Nic Roc designed the fun wooden cut out signs for the girls to vote on the commercials and half time show. As far as decor goes, stripes, wood details, and leather made up the girly tablescape.
  • Natalia

    OMG I’m obsessed with this idea! So good!

  • Jenny

    So cute!!

  • Ana

    I love this so much!

  • Alyssa

    Um I’m so doing this with my girls!

  • Jessa

    Yesss this is my kind of Super Bowl party!

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