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My Top Rated Cookbooks

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My top rated cookbooks for a well rounded kitchen - from the classics to dessert, and everything in between, these are my favorite books for excellent recipes!

Top Rated Cookbooks from

I guess you could say I am a bit of a cookbook fanatic. I absolutely love everything about cookbooks. The beautiful photography, the passion within the lines of the recipes, and the weight of a hardback book in your hands. There's few things better than a beautifully composed cookbook. 

For my bridal shower, I asked my guests for cookbooks rather than lingerie, and while I still received beautiful lingerie, I also received a variety of incredible cookbooks. I find myself referencing them on nearly a daily basis, and have discovered new techniques and recipes along with beautiful food styling ideas. Although I could add hundreds to this compilation, I wanted to share some of my very favorites with you. If you find only one to add to your list, I highly suggest Joy of Cooking

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the classics

Tried and true, tested and trusted, these are some of my favorite cookbooks for weeknight meals, classic dishes, and traditional recipes. Above all other cookbooks, I find myself referencing these three the most often. Be it a white wine sauce from Joy, or a simple cake recipe from Martha, my kitchen wouldn't be complete without these books.

around the world

My favorite cookbooks for food inspired from around the world. I must honor my French heritage here, and include both My Paris Kitchen & A Kitchen in France. Near & Far is a favorite because it includes recipes from many cultures, and Made in India is a wonderful cookbook for approachable Indian cooking with authentic flavors. 


Some of my most favorite recipes have come from Gwyneth's cookbooks (herbed chicken breasts & avocado salads), and while they aren't always easy (a deviation from the title), they have always turned out spectacularly for me. My roasted carrot recipe is adapted from hers, and most of my favorite dressings have come out of these books.


Oh, dessert - I love you. If I could, I would eat sweet sugary cakes and pies all day, every day, for the rest of my life. But, my health gets the best of me, so I try to limit my intake of my favorite meal. I love the heirloom dessert cookbook - it's full of interesting recipes (like s'more potstickers), and the Blackbirds Pie Book is a great classic for pie perfection. Food52's in-house cookbooks are always favorites of mine, and their baking book is no exception. 

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