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Neutral Bed Styling + Our Staged Guest Suite

Emily Henderson_Target_Bed Styling_Styling to Sell_White_Blue_Leather_Gray_Guest Bedroom_12

A good experiment in life would be to pretend you are going to sell your house, fix anything that is either unsightly or annoying, and prepare to let every person in the world see it. Then don’t put it on the market and instead sit back and actually enjoy your home. I guess it’s the premise of that show ‘Love it or List it’, right? Obviously as someone who photographs their home constantly I definitely have things farther along than most people, but there are still so many little things that annoyed me and ultimately even if you have your house perfectly decorated, life is full of clutter, garbage and cords. This room is one that has never been finished and has always had pockets of clutter. But it’s SUCH a great room. For a while it looked like this (see full tour, here):


I definitely liked that side of the room, A LOT. It wasn’t exactly finished but it it felt pulled together and simple. But we moved a lot of those pieces over to our new house/guest room (lamps, carpet, bed, bench, chair, pouf and navy blanket) so it was pretty empty as of three weeks ago.

Then a few months ago we did a sponsored post on Brian’s office side, which looked like this (full tour here):


I love it and that is how it stayed (except no, the rug was not just 1/2 under the chairs – that was for the photo and I can’t BELIEVE none of you called us out on that… I wasn’t there when it was shot, but it was pulled in to add that graphic pattern and texture to the photo. HA!)

But, the other side of the room looked like this, except WAY worse:


There was normally piles and piles and piles of paperwork, camera equipment and of course the fridge/TV situation was not working in any way. I asked Brian to buy a TV that fit the tiny wall (on a long arm/mount so people could watch from bed) and he put that rather large one in there. No one used that fridge and it just looked stupid. And no matter how often you use an elliptical trainer, those lost calories do not make up or how ugly it looked in the room.

Around the same time Target was/is having a huge bedding sale and I needed just the excuse to create some content, stage this room and meanwhile showcase some extremely lovely, and high end looking/feeling neutral bedding.

What you’ll see in the post is how we styled it for the bedding video and then how we shot it for the real estate photos (slightly different nightstands/bench and really pulled back angles). I thought about doing this in two posts, but figured it would feel very repetitive. So here goes.

First up – how we styled it for the video – which is almost all Target except the vintage painting and vintage trunk, rug, hats and blue water carafe.

Emily Henderson_Target_Bed Styling_Styling to Sell_White_Blue_Leather_Gray_Guest Bedroom_3

The story for this portion of the video was all about having a totally neutral room that still feels really happy and inviting. The key? Contrast in textures, tones, sizes and shapes. We used mainly whites, grays, flax, oatmeal, beige, taupe, and brown. And yet, boring she is not.

Emily Henderson_Target_Bed Styling_Styling to Sell_White_Blue_Leather_Gray_Guest Bedroom_2

There are some pops in the painting, trunk and the gold of the lamps, but otherwise it is free of color, safe for all of you color-phobes out there and perfect for a room that you want to still feel really quiet and serene.

Also such neutral bedding is perfect to showcase your straw hat collection.

Emily Henderson_Target_Bed Styling_Styling to Sell_White_Blue_Leather_Gray_Guest Bedroom_4

We wanted to showcase more of the textiles for the video – thus the basket at the bottom and the bench. Fun fact, I have had a gallon of dark green/almost black paint, waiting to cover the bottom of the bench/soffit for 8 months now. I ordered that seat pad from Loom Decor almost a year and a half ago, with the intent that it could be white because the bench would be dark, but alas it’s white on white because I never got around to it.

Something felt weird about putting two pieces of art on the same wall, but that wall was big so we thought well, this is the perfect time to debut Tessa’s so-cal straw hat collection. We used command strips for the shoot then took them down after. I always had the intent to do this, actually, but since we are selling I didn’t want to put unnecessary holes in the wall for hooks.

Emily Henderson_Target_Bed Styling_Styling to Sell_White_Blue_Leather_Gray_Guest Bedroom_5

You may or may not remember that our walls are painted in a lime-wash which gives it a BEAUTIFUL texture that you can only slightly read in the photos (and makes patching much more difficult – more on that here).

Speaking of texture, Target is entering the ‘linen sheet game‘ and competing hard. I haven’t slept on them and Brain Henderson forbids linen sheets underneath his body, but they sure do look pretty. I recently had another conversation about these with some linen sheet lovers. They loved how they stay really cool and feel really crisp, while still being soft. We are a percale family, and I’ve only been allowed linen duvets, never sheets or pillows.  But I love the look so much.

Emily Henderson_Target_Bed Styling_Styling to Sell_White_Blue_Leather_Gray_Guest Bedroom_6

The fringed pillow in the back (technically a sofa pillow, not necessarily a euro sham but we loved it in here) is SO good and looks really high end but is really affordable.

Emily Henderson_Target_Bed Styling_Styling to Sell_White_Blue_Leather_Gray_Guest Bedroom_7

We layered sheets, with a duvet cover and put a this blanket at the end to add texture, break up the all-white and of course give guests the option of more warmth.

Emily Henderson_Target_Bed Styling_Styling to Sell_White_Blue_Leather_Gray_Guest Bedroom_11

Here I am, in my floor length silk dress, and lash extensions (which have changed my life and have made last minute shoots so much easier), layering this blanket for my future non-guests. Please ignore the dust underneath the armoire – we were shooting VERY quickly that day and Brian is in charge of keeping this room clean, so, yeah ..

Emily Henderson_Target_Bed Styling_Styling to Sell_White_Blue_Leather_Gray_Guest Bedroom_8

Meanwhile I’m very impressed by this faux leather pillow. I’m conflicted when it comes to faux leather, like most people. I prefer the real thing and don’t like it when something is trying to be real, but isn’t (obviously this goes for people, too) but I also appreciate the lack of real dead animals in my throw pillows. I also have learned to love fake logs in fireplaces (ours looks pretty darn real and are extremely low maintenance), fake fur (some are so, so soft and cozy, and far less creepy/disgusting) and many a engineered or even wood laminate (fake) wood has fooled me. Does this pillow look like real leather – definitely from afar, but not so much when you are close-up to it. But, it is still a nice color, and gives the vibe of that style of pillow, in a way more affordable and friendly way.

Emily Henderson_Target_Bed Styling_Styling to Sell_White_Blue_Leather_Gray_Guest Bedroom_9

One of my favorite thigs from the whole new line is the fringed pom pom blanket. I’m desperate for it in a queen or king size (its just a throw for now). Note to all bedding manufacturers – if you can make your throw blankets big enough for at least a queen bed they will sell easier because people will know that they can use them both on sofas as well as beds. I always get so bummed when I find the perfect end-of-bed blanket and realize that it’s way too short (which is when/why stylist just lay the blanket all wonky and crooked over one side of the bottom of the bed – something that I don’t support but have done myself).

Emily Henderson_Target_Bed Styling_Styling to Sell_White_Blue_Leather_Gray_Guest Bedroom_1

There she is! The bed is super pretty, too. Make sure that you have a tall enough mattress because there is a gap between the base and the headboard. Our mattress was 12″ so it fit, and hid that gap.

That there is the guest suite bed, with it’s neutral yet inviting Target bedding and textiles. Here’s what we used:

Emily Henderson_Target_Bedding_Taupe_Monochromatic_Neutral_Soft_Get the Look

Tufted Headboard | Rug | Nightstand | Marble and Brass Table Lamp | Sheepskin Pelt | Dotted Lumbar Pillow | Blue and Black Oversized Pillow | Mid-Century Planter | Striped Tassel Blanket | Oversized Cream Fringe Pillow | Gray Fringe Pillow | Stitched Quilt | Basket | Flax Linen Sheets | Leather Pillow | Stitched Quilted Sham

*Also a quick endorsement on that rug – it’s expensive and looks really simple (and it is) but it is insanely comfortable and has a lot of movement, texture and reflection. In other words if you are looking for a simple but high quality wool gray rug, grab a sample of that one and see it for yourself in your space.

Now for the real estate shots and to show you how we staged the other side of the room. We only took four shots – one for each each wall because we have been told that we should really only include 16 photos total for the whole house when we list it. So while my usual MO is to shoot the heck out of a room, this is not the case this time. It’s a little hard for some of us to see photos like this – their pulled back nature makes them feel less intimate and less inviting. But to show the true reality of the space to sell the house, it’s nice to see it all pulled back and totally natural.


I brought back in my vintage nightstands (which I don’t think I have a place for in the new house but I love SO MUCH).  We created more space by getting rid of the trunk at the end of the bed (plus the trunk with the nightstands looked a bit too thrifted). I bought that dresser from the flea market not knowing that the drawers don’t open without a skeleton key – of which I don’t have. It was pretty affordable ($200) and is just so pretty, but if any of you know how to replicate that kind of key or how to open these kinds of dressers please let me know.

Emily Henderson_Target_Bed Styling_Styling to Sell_White_Blue_Leather_Gray_Guest Bedroom_18_edited

We cleaned up Brian’s desk a bit and moved some of the art around (based on what we used went in other places in the house).


It really, truly is such a clean, bright and happy room now – sans any computer cords, clutter. I know we can’t really live like this, but seeing the fantasy does make you not want to leave it.

On the other side of the room we kept it super simple – got rid of the elliptical, fridge and TV. That piece of art doesn’t really live there, but we needed something back there to help your eye notice that there is a bathroom – AKA this suite is fully decked out (we put in that bathroom).

Emily Henderson_Target_Bed Styling_Styling to Sell_White_Blue_Leather_Gray_Guest Bedroom_16 copy_edited

Some of the rooms upstairs are making me sad to stage/shoot – I miss my family in them, our photos, our kids – it’s certainly making me nostalgic for the three amazing years we spent here. But this room, having it finally cleaned up and presentable is making me proud.


We shoot the rest of the house this week (living/dining/family and Elliot’s old room – BIG TEAR!!!) and while it is fun to spend one last week here creating content, I am finding it EXTREMELY difficult to not add too much personality, accessories and color into the ‘staged’ version of the house. As a home buyer, I actually liked seeing real books, accessories and a sense of life in the house. But what everybody in the world has told me is to make it pretty and stylish but give it a lot of space, light and airiness so that it feels fresh, easy to stay clean/organize and avoid anything that would create a negative response from a potential high bidder – like a photo of a family with two young kids … so sad.

Wish me luck (and watch it all on insta-story). xx

***after photos by Tessa Neustadt

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  1. LOVE how it’s staged for the real estate photos. Those vintage nightstands have so much personality. Also what are you going to do with that absolutely gorgeous armoire? Oh, and out of curiosity what does that interior door lead to?

  2. Girl, I am a 1000% with you on throws! why do they not make them queen or king size!!!! it drives me nuts! because i have one that i love but it’s small. so it awkardly sits at the bottom of the bed in the summer time to break up the colors.

    1. I have said this so many times as well!! I feel it’s nearly impossible to find a stylish (not boring) king size throw!

    2. Usually they are even really too small for cuddling with on a sofa as well! You can either have warm feet, legs, and lap OR warm arms, torso, and lap. But not both!!! Grrrrr

  3. i love this room, emily! beautiful job. i love seeing what you do with target decor. some if it, i know i love just by seeing it on the shelf. but some of it, it is helpful to see it in the context of a whole room. because i never would have picked out that duvet cover and some of those pillows (which, by themselves, lean a little too country for me), but seeing it all together the way you styled it makes me realize i DO like those items and could see them working in my guest bedroom.

    1. YAY. Thank you!!! That’s my job so thanks for making me feel good at it 🙂

  4. Hello, Emily! Beautiful space!!

    Can you please let me know where you found the light fixtures on the ceiling? I also have a ceiling light in my guest room and am having trouble replacing it with something that looks like it wasn’t meant for a kitchen or bathroom.

    Thank you!

  5. Well I find it hard to believe that “regular” people don’t prefer the pulled back shots. I guess I understand why designers/stylists spend so much time on “styled vignettes” but regular people really need to see an entire room to get a sense of it. But I’m not a designer so what do I know? But I am loving these shots so much more! And I agree that it is a bummer to fix those nagging things only when you are selling. Why do we do that??? And I think everybody does it.

    1. Hi Kid, I’m with you. I like the pulled back shots. And, love those digital magazines that give you the option of clicking so it rotates the picture and shows you the whole room!

      1. OOh, i’m interested. I guess its just that the frame gets distorted when you are that wide and many things become huge in the front and tiny in the back – which is not really how your eye sees it. We really try to do a combo here and my photographers are used to it but no, usually editorial photographs are those perfect angles and never the whole room. I’m with you, but these real estate shots don’t really show the warmth that the room feels when you are in it … It’s tricky.

  6. Hmm, interesting about 16 photos or less. We are currently in the market for a new home, and my favorite listings are the ones with at least 64+ photos. 🙂

    1. It’s b/c realtors want to lure you to visit the home with fewer photos. You are merely sitting at home now looking at a million houses and photos and not taking any action. A person who visits a home they’ve already liked online is far more likely to put an offer on that home.

      1. Yeah, I figured that, which is why I found it interesting- as a different perspective I’ve never considered before since personally more photos lure me (my example of 64 was an actual house we visited this weekend. ) The ones with fewer photos dont tend to receive as much of an immediate response/reaction from me.

        1. I so agree with you about staging! We fell in love with our first home partly because of the sweet photos — there was life and happiness! Staged homes often feel laughably impractical and model home bland to me. Side note; I bawled after talking with the stager when we sold it years later.

    2. In my area the max number of real estate photos is 25. I’m not sure who make the rules but they are not the same in every city/state.

      1. After talking to more people today I think that we are upping it to 20 or so. I get it, that we need to lure them in but I also was a buyer and I like a lot of really beautiful photos to stare at while i’m deciding whether to put in an offer or not. I think 64 ugly photos is a bad idea, but 64 beautiful photos might not be so bad …

  7. I’m sure your house will sell in a snap. Who wouldn’t want to live there, it is so calm and lovely!

    So here is a puzzling question, I have a queen bed and buy queen duvets. But they always look too short and awkward on the sides and never cover enough of the mattress (I don’t think my mattress is overly tall), they don’t have that nice amount of overhang that you do. Are you supposed to buy a king size duvet for a queen bed?

    1. Hi Aimee if i can come in… yes always buy a king duvet for a queen bed! It will look much nicer. My problem is what to buy for a king bed?? ?

      1. I have the same problem with my kind bed! SO HARD to find a duvet & duvet cover wide enough to overhang nicely on the sides.

        1. uh, make that *king* bed 🙂

    2. Yes, we always upsize the duvet for this reason (as well as the practical benefit of putting two adults underneath the cover and there not being enough duvet!)

    3. Emily, can you provide your advice for Aimee’s question? This is my burning design question at the moment. I have a queen. The mattress is 15″ thick and the base is also 15″, so it’s 30″ off of the ground. The queen duvets don’t cover both sides beyond the mattress, but the king looked pretty (too?) long on the sides. Bedding is such a huge investment when you go for the entire look – and I’m afraid to mess it up. Please, advise!

      1. Hmm. For this room we used Queen and it wasn’t too small. But I have definitely had that same issue and have bought a king so it might be the thickness of mattress/pad and whether or not you see a boxspring underneath. A platform bed, for instance is fine with a queen on a queen, but maybe a bed that is off the ground, with a box spring that you can see THEN a mattress needs a bigger/king duvet? I will say I’d side with bigger than smaller … I, too, like a luxurious cuddly bed and a duvet that is slightly too small is a bummer.

  8. Curse you Emily Henderson! I now have $800 worth of stuff in my cart at Target.com.

    Jk. about cursing you, you’re my fave. Not jk about the $800.

    1. WOW. Ha. I hope Target reads these comments (and NO, that was not me, “Emily”, but a different emily … I swear :))

  9. Emily! I am so jonesing with you and your fabulous Lady-of-the-House dress. I have a tasseled throw from the Nate line, and I wish EVERY MORNING that it was bigger. Gonna need to check out that blanket.

    1. I know. If it were a queen or king size every person in the world would own it. I’m psyched to put it in our new house on the sofa, but on a bed …. amazing (because you could have such simple bedding and be done with it!)

  10. I am really going to miss this house, and I’m not even the one who lived in it. So much light and so bright… I don’t think I’d ever sell it if I had lived there – it’s just too perfect and nice now.

  11. The house is looking great so far! I will say that I was an open house addict before purchasing our forever home 2+ years ago. To this day, I still enjoy looking at real estate photos and occasionally go to an open house that’s in the neighborhood or in a neighborhood that I’m curious about. I actually prefer seeing personal items in the house. We saw many houses that seemed to be professionally staged and, while I can appreciate that as well, those were beautiful but felt cold and less like a home. Not to say that the staging isn’t great, but I would have loved to see a house that was styled the way yours was pre-staging, particularly as your style is more rare here in (the other) LA.

  12. OMG how in the world has Brian forbid linen sheets?!?!?!?!?!?! They are heavenly and he doesn’t know what he is missing!!!! JK but on a serious note, I’m realizing I need to start a “so-cal straw hat collection” 😉

    Kira | http://www.theimperfectionistblog.com

  13. The guest room looks incredible, I am loving the tasseled pillows and that colorful painting in the bathroom!


  14. So much for pretending to sell….we actually are too! So I’m going through the same emotions!
    Seeing our house all organized and simple and pretty has me really kicking myself for not making it this way “all the time!” But life does have clutter and cords!
    I am committed to putting in a bit more effort in the next house though (damn it!)! ha!
    Good luck with the sale!! I still can’t get over that view!

  15. Wow, that wardrobe is gorgeous! I’m looking for something just like it to serve as a coat closet. Do you have any advice on what search terms I should use to find a wardrobe like that? Or is it borrowed from a store from which I might be able to buy it?

    I love these styling posts. They help so much in terms of thinking how to spruce up my own house!

    1. I bought it from Finn and Willow, its a dress from Thylo (I think thats how you spell it). I can’t find it online. It was expensive (like $350) but I’ve worn it on NYE, brunch, around the house and to sleep. ITS AMAZING. Plus on camera its good – which is a consideration when I buy clothes these days (smaller patterns look busy and solids in a simple shape like this might look like a nightgown). Anyway, good luck finding it 🙂

      1. The dress is fantastic, but I actually was asking about the armoire. Do you have any ideas about how to find an armoire like that? Thanks so much for answering comments and questions!

  16. The whole room looks great! I sold my house recently, and I was so sad to leave it once it was so clean and organized!
    I have to say I was very surprised when I saw those table lamps at Target. I know a lot of designs get influence and inspiration from other resources, but those were so similar to Workstead’s Orbit table lamps I was sure they must have partnered or something.
    In any event, beautiful room, and best of luck with selling!

    1. I hoped they partnered, otherwise that makes me very sad to see such a blatant copy being sold by Target / promoted.

  17. Beautiful! This room could be a permanent airbnb listing for the new owner or even a rental. I think there would be plenty of single 20-somethings who wouldn’t care a whit about no kitchen. We had an exchange student (college-age) for awhile and she was hardly ever here between school and meeting friends for meals, etc. Could be a great selling point as who doesn’t love passive income?

  18. But where is the fab silk dress from?

  19. The room looks fantastic! I love those light fixtures on the ceiling too and were so sad they weren’t included in the round-up. They are unavailable?

  20. “Something felt weird about putting two pieces of art on the same wall…”

    Um what?
    This quote of yours in the above post confused me so. Can you elaborate on that? Are we not supposed to do this?

    1. I KNOW. Listen it felt flat, i think. Its a long wall, and it needed some dimension that two paintings couldn’t do. I was befuddled when I wrote that, too, but I think its less about amount of pieces and more about making sure that they felt different and added some dimension. I don’t know. I know it could work but in order for them to work scale-wise the one above the bed couldn’t be too big whereas the one about the bench needed to be larger. It could ABSOLUTELY have been done but I was struggling to find the pieces that would work. Enter ‘hat collection’ . Duh. Painting + hat collection = a long wall that doesn’t feel overpowering.

  21. Most hardware stores with a locksmith will be able to sell you an assortment of skeleton keys. I live in an old house with functioning antique clocks but we bought the house without any of the keys. We took out the lock brought it to Ace hardware and found a key that worked for the locks. Most locksmiths can create a key for you if one of the standard skeleton keys don’t work.

  22. Gorgeously styled like always! Love that trunk at the end of the bed.

  23. Does that painting above the headboard look too small to anyone else? I have a similar headboard and have left the wall above it blank because I don’t know what to put there. Something that size looks too small and forced in to me, but bigger also doesn’t look right to me.

  24. I decided to try a set of Target’s linen sheets. Was very skeptical because every where else I’ve seen them they were $$$ but it turns out they are amazing and just keep getting better every time they are washed. They looks so cozy and easy, artfully rumpled even. Have ordered a second set!

  25. 16 maximum listing photos??!?!?!?! When we were looking for our new and out-of-state home, I wouldn’t seriously consider a listing without at least 25 images (preferably around 30). Listings with 16 or fewer photos always make me worry about what the owner is leaving out, and more importantly, why. Best of luck on selling your pretty ex-home. Cheers, Ardith

  26. Hey Em, that’s another gorgeous room! You certainly accomplished your objective of pretty, stylish, light and airy. I appreciate the real estate photos where you can see more of the room at one time. It gives me a better sense of space planning and how all the elements of the room tie in together. I would love if you would consider including more of those type of shots in your blog. Thanks for your consideration! Can’t wait to see more of what you’re doing in your new home.

  27. Where are the ceiling light fixtures from?

  28. Wow, I just love the new look of this room! I totally see why it’s such a big deal to create a perfect room for yourself but we definitley should keep trying – it’s so worth it. 😉
    As I am moving myself within the next weeks, my big goal is to create a home I really love. And I hope I will love every single corner.
    Greetings from Germany
    Leonie | INDECORATE

  29. Looks great! Where is the bench under the window from? Love that piece. Thanks!

  30. I’m with Brian on linen sheets – never ever ever again. I bought Eileen Fisher for Garnet Hill after seeing you use them on a project and while I LOVE the way the duvet cover looks, I can’t tell you how much I hate the sheets themselves. And I hate that I paid so much for sheets I hate. They’re far too much material so they rumple even more than linen ordinarily does and leave deep grooves in skin and after dozens of washes they are still not soft. They also became dingy and off-white easily. I kept trying to use them because they were so pricey, but man, they’re the worst and I’ve finally given up. So – DO NOT BUY LINEN SHEETS PEOPLE!

  31. I am loving the detail of the cream fringe against the dark headboard! I may just have to order 2 of those throw pillows for my bed!

  32. This looks gorgeous! I really need to get a new bed for my son. I really love the tufted look of this one and navy would be perfect for our house. You don’t think the tufted is too feminine for a preteen boy do you?
    Also, I would really love to know where the bench is from (the one under the window). I am on the hunt for the perfect end of bed bench and I think that just might be it.

  33. where is the ceiling light fixture from?

  34. Those vintage night stands look insanely gorgeous.

    I so wish I could help with your skeleton key conundrum. My grandmother had a similar situation and so we just collected skeleton keys until we found one that worked. Is there anyway to get a mold?

    I’d forgotten about the computer area. So beautiful. Is it coming to the new house?

  35. I would love to know the source for your ceiling lights in this room. Love them!

  36. I love the white on white bench with those hints of blue. Make me think of the Greek Islands (see: https://www.google.com/search?hl=fr&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1680&bih=901&q=maisons+blancges+gr%C3%A8ce&oq=maisons+blancges+gr%C3%A8ce&gs_l=img.3…1758.5930.0.6124.….0…1ac.1.64.img..0.13.654…0j0i30k1j0i5i30k1j0i8i30k1j0i24k1j0i10i24k1.UNjhJwjea0o#hl=fr&tbm=isch&q=maisons+blanches+gr%C3%A8ce)

  37. I just delighted to be here and to read this perfect post ever.Thanks for share this with us.

  38. I love it! I love this clean decor! Amazing job!

  39. Haha, I love this entire post and the designs, but I must say — I LOVE that you give a shoutout to eyelash extensions 😀 I just discovered them myself last year, in time for my best friend’s wedding (hey, I was the maid of honor! Gotta rep my homegirl right ;), and they completely changed the game for me. I’m someone who has watched a zillion Youtube makeup videos and still can’t fathom makeup at all. So, eyelash extensions are a low effort, high impact way to go 😀

    Completely unrelated to this beautiful, intelligent design post, I know, but spreadin’ the word 🙂

  40. My now gone old-timely hardware store had a ring of different shaped skeleton keys they let me borrow to take home and see which fit. My impression was that there were a variety of standard key shapes. One did fit for my mission style China cabinet.

  41. I love this room! I completely agree with Abby. I’ve seen a ton of this stuff at Target but I haven’t pulled the trigger on a lot of it yet. Sometimes it’s hard to see individual things on a random shelf there and picture what else you would put with it or how it could come together with things you already have. Thanks for the inspiration! Side note- can you please please maybe do a post soon of styling options that you can do with nightstands and coffee tables and things like that while having a toddler around? Since our 19 month old could walk our nightstands have been completely bare and our coffee table just has a tray and 2 books… We’re really not sure what we can put on them and need some help! Thanks 🙂

  42. Is this headboard the charcoal or the navy? It’s hard to tell in the photos and even harder to tell on the Target website. Thank you.

  43. Hi Emily,

    First of all, this room looks gorgeous.
    Me and my husband, we bought a new flat (our first home) and we already defined the style that we want (Airy Modern, Bohemian) and I’m now starting to choose the furniture.
    I absolutely love vintage and oriental rugs but they come in strange sizes and often very small to fit in room ( at least for my budget) so I’m struggling a lot with how to make small rugs or non standard sizes rugs to fit in room without looking weird or floating.
    Is there any tricks to make this guys fit in space that they were no meant to be in? Could you please right a post about rugs, what to do or not to do with them, how to fit them in small and big spaces, which are the best positions for rugs in bedrooms and how can we play with their sizes and patterns.


    Carolina Pinheiro

  44. I love the look of this bed. I’ve been looking for a wonderful white, textured, natural bedding at a good price. When I click through on the items they appear way more brown through than they do in this room! Can you do a post on white bedding?

  45. Love this roundup! Is the quilt grey or cream? It looks cream in the photos, but Target only has it in grey. Thanks!

  46. What color is the duvet cover? It looks white in the photos, but on Target’s website the closet color is “natural,” which looks beige.

  47. What color is the duvet cover? It looks white in the photos, but on Target’s site the “Natural” color seems beige. Thanks!

  48. Hmm, interesting about 16 photos or less. We are currently in the market for a new home, and my favorite listings are the ones with at least 64+ photos


  49. Can you please let me know where you found the light fixtures on the ceiling? I also have a ceiling light in my guest room and am having trouble replacing it with something that looks like it wasn’t meant for a kitchen or bathroom.

  50. ‘Love it or List it’, right? Obviously as someone who photographs their home constantly I definitely have things farther along than most people, but there are still so many little things that annoyed me and ultimately even if you have your house perfectly decorated, life is full of clutter, garbage and cords. This room is one that has never been finished and has always had pockets of clutter. But it’s SUCH a great room.

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