Baby Name Trends 2017

Welcome to the baby name revolution!

What are the hottest baby name trends for 2017? We looked at new trends in the culture, politics, the arts, and Hollywood to find the trends in baby names we predict will take the lead in the year ahead.
America’s new conservative turn signals a complete reinvention of baby names. The newly-dominant red staters favor names that defy convention: invented names with unique spellings and nontraditional gender identities. And parents of all political beliefs are embracing names from a range of fresh sources — gods and wild animals, spiritual beliefs and childhood heroes — that all embody power. We foresee more than mere baby name trends in 2017: We predict a full-blown baby naming revolution. — by the editors of Nameberry

Biggest Big Picture Trend: Ultimate Power Names

Royal, Saint, Augustus, Kylo – those names may have signaled power in 2016, but next year parents will skip directly to the head of the power line. Yes, we’re talking about God, whose names will be conferred on an increasing number of babies. Expect to meet lots of little deities with names drawn from multicultural mythology: Thor, Persephone, Odin, Freya, Jupiter, Luna, Atlas, Clio, Orion, Morrigan, Pandora, and Zeus.

And then there are those babies who are literally named God: Five boys in 2015, along with five named Yahweh, 20 named Lord, 27 called Savior, and 40 baby girls named Goddess. And Messiah, which a Tennessee judge tried to ban five years ago by claiming there was only one, has doubled in popularity: More than 1500 baby boys were named Messiah last year. .

And if you feel a deity name isn’t quite right for your child, you may want to go in the other direction and choose Lucifer, now back on the table along with the names of other supreme evil beings such as Lilith, a demon of Jewish folklore, and Kali, the Hindu destroyer.

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