10 Floral Arranging Tips from a Pro


modern-fall-baby-shower-sugarandcharm-17FlamingoPoolParty-10 fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_13 illy-espresso-coffee-bar-sugarandcharm-3 Flowers are one of life’s incredible gifts that everyone can enjoy. They’re a staple piece at any party we throw and a must-have for a charming home! We thought it would be fun to share 10 floral arranging tips from a pro to help anyone trying to create a special arrangement. As we all know, floral arrangements ain’t cheap! So, we asked Erin, from White Fig Designs, to share some of her trusted tips when creating a gorgeous arrangement for the home, parties or for gifting! We’ve worked with Erin on several of our parties and she’s created the most stunning arrangements, from our pool party, pie party, baby shower, our fall charcuterie party and so many more! I’ve learned a lot from her so we’re happy to have her sharing these floral arranging tips below!

10 Floral Arranging Tips from a Pro

1. When you bring flowers home, cut the ends off and place them in fresh water. Leave them for an hour before you arrange.

2. Keep roses wrapped and in fresh water for an hour before arranging so they can stay hydrated.

3. Strip and clean all stems so there are no leaves in the water level. Leaves cause bacteria in the water, shortening the life of the flowers.

4. If you’re using a vessel with a large opening, use tape to create a grid across the top of the opening to help give structure to the arrangement.

5. When using floral foam, soak it for at least 1 hour or overnight.

6. Start your floral arrangement by forming it with greens first.

7. Use herbs in your arrangement to give it a wonderful fragrance.

8. After the greens, add in the flowers. Don’t cut the stems too short, you want them to pop and give dimension.

9. Add an organic element to the arrangement like apples, pomegranates, tangerines or grapes. Fruit on their stems looks best!

10. Be creative with your vessel! Anything can be used to create a beautiful arrangement!

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One response to 10 Floral Arranging Tips from a Pro

  1. June 9, 2017

    These tips are so good! I always have flowers at home and enjoy arranging them, but I always arrange them right away! Thank you so much for sharing!

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