10 Reasons for Why You SHOULDN’T Skip Sending Holiday Cards This Year
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10 Reasons for Why You SHOULDN’T Skip Sending Holiday Cards This Year

In our humble opinions, that giddy, glimmering rush of joy that comes with a worthwhile trip to the mailbox is truly unmatched. Nothing tops the feeling of receiving fun real-life mail, and this is *especially* true during the holidays. Need more persuasion? We’re teaming up with Studio Ink to bring you 10 reasons you should send your holiday cards snail-mail style this season.

1. Holiday Card > Holiday Text. Yep. Even if it is delivered with an adorable emoji, a holiday text message is just not the same. Our suggestion? Pick up a holiday card, handwrite that *same* note inside and send it via snail mail. Odds are, your friends will be much more moved by the gesture.

2. Holiday cards can act as a present. A sweet illustrated card with an even sweeter personal message will probably bring the same joyful feeling to your friends and family. It’s the thought that counts! Shop these cards: Exclamation Points Card and Reindeer Ride Christmas Card

3. Making cards is an excuse to practice your hand lettering. You *know* we’re all about flexing those creative muscles. The holidays bring about many opportunities to get creative — making gifts, wrapping gifts, decorating your home — but we have a particularly soft spot for card-making. So break out those calligraphy and brush pens and get writing!

4. The receiver can proudly display and enjoy the card all season long. These cards will definitely add to someone’s holiday decor, and after proudly displaying the card in his or her home, they’ll probably stow it away for safekeeping. Picture this: 20 years later, your friend pulls out the same card and reminisces about the good ol’ days. Who doesn’t want that? Shop this card: Get Your Joy On Christmas Card

5. It’s a timeless medium. Forgive us for being Captain Obvious, but folks have been sending analog mail for centuries. Just because there are newfangled ways to communicate with our favorite people doesn’t mean we should ditch time-honored traditions.

6. Snail mail is romantic. Summoning the courage to tell someone how you feel? Sending the message via IRL mail is sure to get their attention and show them how much you care. Write that love note on a sweet card and get mailin’! We’re rooting for you ;) Shop these cards: Frisky Cardinals Christmas Card and Get Your Joy On Christmas Card

7. Reading the card will be a special moment for them. Chestnuts are a-roasting, snow is falling outside and your friends are curling up with a personal holiday message written by Y-O-U. The more Christmas cheer, the merrier ;)

8. Your friends can repurpose the cards. Why not decorate with snail mail? When they’ve run out of magnets on the fridge, your pals can repurpose the cards into ornaments, garlands and present toppers! Peek at our tutorial to learn more.

9. The more you send IRL mail, the more you’re likely to receive IRL mail. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD. If you’re known to send letters and cards, chances are your people will return the favor.

10. It will make your favorite people smile. It’s as simple as that. Shop this card: Peace Love Peppermint Christmas Card

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Author: Maddie Bachelder