Welcome to Bloom School

Our mission is to educate aspiring creatives in our wonderful world of floral artistry and design. From budding floral designers to avid gardeners, to people who just really love flowers ~ we have a program for you.

We offer small class sizes with individual attention, and hands on learning.

Each session attendees will take away technical details, principals + elements all while using nature's most beautiful paintbrush, and leave with a whole new appreciation for design and flowers in general.

Becky De Oliveira is the Owner and Lead Instructor at Bloom School, and the owner of Blush and Bloom Flower Studio.

With over 16 years experience, her passion for teaching and education within the industry is what lead her to create Bloom School.

She believes any field of art or work requires ongoing passion, and with that a drive to continually learn more about your craft.

She looks forward to immersing you in a world of luscious flowers and thoughtfully placed designs at Bloom School!

Artistry tabletop with florist scissors and champagne roses

Wedding & Event Florist

A 7 day professional development program for existing florists looking to further their skill set specifically in wedding design.

Beautiful flower arrangement white roses and greens

Wedding Intensive

This is a fast paced, 3x day weekend intensive focused specifically on wedding floral design.

Flower buckets multicolored roses preparation


Our single workshops are created for those who are looking to create their own masterpiece, while obtaining tips and tricks on floral design and working with fresh flowers.

Wedding tabletop champagne, white and greens on a golden pot


This 3x day program is designed for aspiring florists to further their skills in the specific area of weddings in a private, one on one session.

Majestic pink rose being cut by florist scissors

Group Events

Bachelorette party, Corporate event, Baby Shower, you name it!
Gather up your friends for an evening to create something beautiful, with our session specifically for groups.

Student working on a beautiful multicolored tabletop wedding arrangement

Seasonal Workshops

Seasonal workshops for Spring-Summer 2017.

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