About Rebecca

Brooklyn based designer and artist Rebecca Atwood believes in the art of making.

I believe that how you get to a finished product is just as important as the final design. Each step of my process, from first sketch to production techniques to our shipping methods, is so important. I don’t believe in perfection, but I do ask myself, “How can I do things better?” frequently. I like to think you can see that when you purchase one of our pieces. And I like to think that our process is part of the reason you can feel truly good about bringing our pieces into your home.



Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Surrounded by the ocean, antiques and my family’s restaurant


Providence, Rhode Island

Received my BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design


United States & United Kingdom

Worked with major retailers as a trend forecaster and design consultant


Brooklyn, New York

Owning and operating my namesake collection of homegoods

These are the five things that make us who we are.


01. Inspiration

It’s what gets us going in the mornings and makes life interesting. Appreciate beauty: see, feel, hear and share it!

02. Self Care

The old adage rings true, “Take care of yourself before taking care of others.” Creating a space that reflects who you are makes you feel good.

03. Creativity

Work through ideas and make time to play, experiment, discover, create, and challenge yourself. Keep growing.

04. Presence

Staying present and focused is a constant challenge but so important for being connected to the world. Similarly, owning items of quality that you love creates a true relationship with your space.

05. Responsibility

You don’t have to compromise design, quality and value to produce products responsibly. It’s not about perfection, but striving towards better.

Our Process

From our studio, to your home


The first stages of making - gathering inspiration, sketching, painting - are often lost in the development of today’s commercial products. Our process always starts here.

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Once we’ve had the chance to play with our ideas, it’s time to bring them to life by defining motifs we’ve developed, scaling them and sending them off.

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It takes a bit of trial and error to get things - color, technique, quality - right. This step allows us to assess each product in a more finalized form.

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