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All Sections / 5 Secrets to Becoming the Most Confident Woman in the Room

Every time a super-confident woman enters a room, it’s like a scene from a movie. You know, the slow-motion walk, the hair blowing perfectly and the in-charge gaze that just seems to captivate. This may look effortless, but it actually takes a little bit of work. Don’t fret, though, because we know all her secrets…

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She’s Always Positive

Let’s just say the (wine) glass is always half full. Positivity is the foundation of confidence, and we firmly believe in the fake-it-till-you-make-it approach. In other words, the next time someone steals a parking spot you’ve been waiting for, simply brush it off, smile and move onto the next one. So long, Negative Nancy.

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She Compliments Others

Not only will you make somebody else feel great, but you’ll also feel great yourself—and prove that you’re confident enough to be generous with your praise. (Ever notice it’s the insecure people who have to put others down?)

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She’s Up for Anything

Trying something new can be pretty intimidating, but we promise that every time you do it, you’ll inch yourself one step further toward self-possession. It can be as ambitious as booking a solo backpacking trip or as simple as seeing a movie by yourself. Popcorn for one, please.

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She Doesn’t Compare Herself to Others

Since confidence comes from within, it won’t do you any good to play the measure-up game. Instead, learn to accept your flaws, appreciate your (many) good qualities and compliment others for the things they do well.

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She Isn’t Afraid to Ask for Help

Even though it may seem like the confident gal has all the answers, she really doesn’t. Knowing your limitations and asking for advice shows others you’re humble and always on the path of self-improvement.

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