How to Transition Your Home to Fall, According to Nate Berkus

Sacha Strebe

Firstly, let us preface this by saying that Nate Berkus doesn’t follow trends—he starts them. Case in point: the subsequent boho-chic boom after the launch of his nomad-inspired spring/summer line for Target, and we can only expect his new fall collection to spark a major glam movement too. Instead, the lauded designer creates a timeless foundation that’s relevant year-round. His inspiring blend of classic aesthetics peppered with modern elements has earned him a global following, not to mention a string of celebrity clients—there’s so much we can learn from his successful career.

While he might not adhere to trends, Berkus certainly loves to welcome in the new seasons, and fall is his favorite time of year. “Quite frankly, I’m never going to be the guy who tells somebody they need to recover their sofa and patterns because the seasons have changed,” he told MyDomaine on the phone. “But I am the guy who says Okay, let’s take a look at those vibrant beachy pillows and think about cable-knits, tassels, fringe, and softer materials and then layer things on top of what you already have to make the space feel a little cozier and a little bit warmer.

Any updates you do make should be affordable. Even switching out the curtains between summer and fall is too big of an investmentthe designer says there are better ways to give your home a seasonal liftAhead, Berkus shares his simple tips for transitioning your home to fall including his favorite colors, affordable décor swaps, rich textiles, and the one thing he's loving right now (we predict it will be the next big trend).

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