5 Incredible Ways to Use Beauty Oils

Beauty Oils
For the longest time I was curious about beauty oils. They always seemed like precious little treasures in beautiful apothecary bottles. I honestly had no idea how to use them and if they would actually be beneficial for my beauty routine.

A little history of my skin, I was always on the dry/oily combination side of things, but after having two little ones, my skin has gotten SO dry, and I’m constantly dealing with texture issues and frustrations with getting a flawless application in my foundation routine. My skin was drinking in moisturizers like it was nothing and the idea of using beauty oils, specifically for my skin care routine really started to sound like a good idea. When I purchased my first oil over a year ago, I fell in LOVE. I couldn’t remember the last time my skin felt so soft and my foundation looked so good. I soon realized ALL of the incredible ways I could regularly use oils, and they have been a game changer! Seriously!

So today I’m going to jump into a few amazing ways to use beauty oils, a few neat-o benefits, and what oils you might want to try. Are you excited?! Cause I’m totally geeking out. 😉

Let’s go ahead and start with some of my favorite ways to use oils and practical tips for using them in your everyday beauty routine.

Beauty Oils
1. Face Care Routine – This was the golden ticket for me. My face never feels so smooth or as moisturized as when I use beauty oils. I notice an incredible difference in the quality of my skin right away. To use oils as a moisturizer, I suggest pressing the oils into your skin, not rubbing. Also, apply your skin care in the order of thickness, using the thinner products first… so serum, oil and then moisturizer. Usually after cleansing my face, I’ll just apply oil as my moisturizer and sometimes I’ll include the moisturizer if my skin needs some extra hydration. I can’t sing the praises of this method enough! Oils really help retain the moisture in your skin and keep it happy and hydrated. Not only does it make my skin feel so so soft, but it’s also a great prep for applying makeup, which brings me to my next tip…

A Beauty Side Note:
To my oily skinned friends, don’t be afraid to try oils! Oils really leave a beautiful glow as opposed to a greasy look/feel. Try out a lighter oil like Argan oil. Also take a look at some of the natural beauty shops. They often create beauty oils specifically for certain skin types!

2. THE Foundation Trick – If you’re looking for a great finish to your foundation and you want it to be moisturizing, add just a drop of oil to your foundation, mix it up, and then apply it to your face. Bam! Since I tend to deal with textured skin, this little trick has really come in handy. It not only makes my foundation look beautiful, but it makes my skin feel happy too. I usually put my foundation on the back of my hand, add in one drop and mix it around with a Beauty Blender, then apply. I especially love using this or this oil for this trick.

A Beauty Side Note: Since oils are filled with amazing antioxidants, they can also help fight signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles. Yes please!

Beauty Oils
3. Getting Rid of All That Makeup – Using a cleansing oil is an amazing way to remove all the makeup and dirt from a long day and detox your skin. I love doing this, especially when I wear a full face of makeup and want to make sure I get everything off before going to bed. To do this method, apply a quarter size amount of oil to your hand and gently massage it into your dry skin for one minute. Soak a washcloth in super warm water, and then lay it on your face for 1-2 minutes or until the cloth is cool. I like to just lay back during this time and enjoy the mini steam facial. 🙂 Use the washcloth to slowly wipe away the oils, and then go into your skincare routine as normal.

A Beauty Side Note: When initially doing this method, you might find that you break out a little at first. Since it’s helping to get all those nasties out of your pores and detoxing your skin, it can sometimes causes breakouts, just a heads up!

I’ve really been enjoying the cleansing oils from Primally Pure lately. They have ones for specific skin types too!

4. Mani Monday – Crusty (ew) and dry cuticles can definitely ruin a cute mani. Use oils on your cuticles before pushing them back to moisturize and make your mani look flawless. You can also put a little over your entire nail after your manicure dries to help seal everything in and add a little shine.

5. Major Skin Help – For those of you that suffer from rough patches on your feet, elbows… anywhere, just add a few drops to your favorite body lotion to give it an extra boost of moisture power and happiness for those dry areas.

Beauty Oils There are so many types of beauty oils you can find. When searching for your right oil, keep a few things in mind – be sure to look for oils that are natural and organic. Although oils can be a little more pricey, I’ve definitely found that you get what you pay for when it comes to oils. If there is an oil you really want to try, a lot of shops offer samples or smaller “travel size” options. Give those a try to find what works best for you! Lastly, when looking for a good oil, check out the ingredients to find beauty oils that will work best for your skin. Here is a handy guide to reference…

Anti-Aging Oils: Argan, Acai, Flaxseed and Sea-Buckthorn
Moisturizing: Olive, Coconut, Brazil Nut, Rose and Avocado
Good for Problem Skin: Tea Tree, Rose Hip Seed, Grape Seed, Peppermint, Lavender and Jojoba
Repairing: Chamomile, Black Current, Evening Primrose and Carrot Seed

A few of my personal favorites are Josie Maran Argan Oil. They also have a “Light” version for those that have skin on the oily side. Herbivore Botanicals has beautiful face oils for every skin type and I kinda die over their packaging. Primally Pure has great cleansing oils, and this little miracle gem from Leanne Grace Beauty has serious WOW factor, so many great ingredients!

Thanks so much for chatting beauty oils with me! I hope you find this helpful and that you feel excited about trying them out for yourself or incorporating them in new ways! I would totally love to hear your favorite beauty oils/ways to use them, so please feel free to share!

Lots of love to you, friends, Sav.

Credits//Author and Photography: Savannah Wallace.

  • I’ve just recently started getting into oils. I must admit the thought of using oil on my skin scared me off for the longest time. But, since beginning to use them I’ve noticed a difference in my skin and how soft it is. I never really though of other uses for it. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be using some of your tips!

    x. Cattleya


  • I just recently got into using beauty oils, and I’m with you-they’re amazing!! My skin is looking better than it has in years and I’ve only made the switch to oils a few weeks ago! Thanks for your recommendations on some to try.

  • Oils can be a wonderful part of a skincare routine, and for many a silver bullet.

    BUT – please be careful just testing oils. Coconut oil is extremely comedogenic and can cause breakouts. For me, it causes my psoriasis to flare badly and painfully. Tea Tree Oil can also be harsh for some.

    Just because a product doesn’t contain “chemicals” doesn’t automatically mean it will work for you.

  • I love these ideas! I’ve been using the ‘oil cleansing method’ for removing makeup and washing my face, for about four years. It has been so good to my skin, and I use plain organic olive oil now, no longer needing an astringent oil (I used a tiny bit of castor oil at first). Those of you who have oily skin, don’t be afraid! It may take some adjustment, but often skin is oily as a reaction to being stripped and deprived of oils by facial cleansers and oil-free lotions. Once it’s allowed to work naturally and regulate itself, it may stop over-producing oils. If not, you can find combinations of oils that help (like adding a bit of castor oil, tea tree essential oil, or hazelnut oil which is also astringent).
    I have some new ideas to try and oils to make my routine more fancy now 😉 Thank you! One thing I think should be pointed out in the list at the end is distinguishing between oils and essential oils. Tea Tree and peppermint or lavender are essential oils, and should always be well diluted or just added to your normal face oil.

  • Try rubbing olive or coconut oil into your hands to remove paint or soil after getting crafty. Wash the oils off with a light hand soap or hair shampoo. Even if you have to use a soft nail brush, it’s amazing how soft your hands will feel, unlike using a strong chemical hand cleaner or something scary like a borax soap.

  • Great article! Just wanted to point out that oils such as Tea Tree, Lavender and Peppermint, which are essential oils, need to be mixed with a carrier oil (argan, jojoba, grapeseed, etc.) before being applied to the face because they are too concentrated on their own and can be very irritating 🙂

  • I started using coconut oil and grapeseed oil about a year ago in my routine and loved it! And this summer I was introduced to Beautycounter, which has some amazing face oils. I have oily/combo skin, so I like to use their Balancing Oil at night and the Soothing Oil in the morning. Thanks for the tip to press it into your skin. I’ve been mixing 2 drops in with my moisturizer but I think I’ll try only the oil and see how my skin does!

  • Many people do seem reluctant to use oils at first. However once the benefits become clear I see so many women never looking back

  • I attended a Beautycounter party a little over a year ago and bought one of their face oils after the rep recommended it. I LOVE oils now! I have always had dry skin and my face has never felt so hydrated and happy. It kind of kills me how expensive the oils are, but they really do last a long time since you don’t need to use much. I also love that they are made of ingredients I recognize and aren’t full of junk. I’ve been actively detoxing my cosmetics, cleaning products, life for many years and enjoy quality products that aren’t doing more harm than good. Thanks for the round up, I’m excited to try a few of these.

  • Just recently read about the benefits of black seed oil on the skin, learn’t it can work as a skin brightening agent, anyone know about it or tried it before?