Nutritionists Agree: These 6 Superfats Belong in Your Diet

Deven Hopp

It’s almost comical to think back on the time when the low-fat diet was the norm—back to a time when oils, butter, and even avocados were the enemy. Sad, too. Just consider all the half-eaten avocados that went bad. Now, any nutritionist will tell you to eat the whole avocado because not only is fat not the enemy, but it’s actually a must. “Fat is essential for producing hormones, absorbing fat-soluble vitamins, effectively balancing blood sugar, and hydrating skin from the inside out,” holistic nutritionist and health coach Kelly LeVeque says. As with just about everything, you certainly can overdo it, but if you’re incorporating the right fats into your diet, your body will thank you. And what are those “right fats,” those best-of-the-best sources, superfats, if you will? To answer that question, we called on the nutritional expertise of LeVeque and nutritionist Keri Glassman.

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