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Secrets to Air Drying Your Hair

August 22nd, 2016

There’s a time for a post about the best tools and products for getting and keeping and blowout… and August is not one of those times. We have all year to battle our manes into submission, but when the temps (and humidity!) are this high, it’s time to embrace your natural texture and enjoy the freedom of letting your hair simply be.

Of course, for most of us, the idea of letting our hair be wild and fancy-free brings the fear of looking a little, well, unkempt. This is where products come in, ladies! When you find the right product for your hair type (and it really should just be one; having to apply a whole arsenal of potions really defeats the whole going-with-the-flow vibe…), finger-styling and running becomes an actual possibility. Click through to check out my air-drying product picks, plus a key tool that CS’s art director swears by!

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10 Comments under :: Secrets to Air Drying Your Hair
  1. It’s definitely too hot to be styling you hair with heat tools in August! I’ll have to try some of these products the next time I air dry my hair. I usually use Aveda’s Be Curly and it works pretty well at keeping my loose waves in place.

  2. jessica says:

    May need to try that B&B one!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  3. I just did a post on this topic as well. It is super hot here in Toronto, so I haven’t heat styled my hair in over a month! Plus, I’ve been feeling a little lazy too. I’ve used this time to try out new braided/twisted updos and it’s been more fun than I expected!

  4. francetaste says:

    It’s good to give our hair a vacation from heat styling. I try to air dry once a week–more in summer.

  5. Kiersten says:

    I just got the Don’t Blow It by Bumble and Bumble and I’m SO excited to try it. I love DevaCurl’s Super Coconut Cream as well!


  6. Ellé says:

    I need to try some of these products. My hair gets so unruly if I leave it to dry on its own!

    Ellé |

  7. I need to actually try some of these products, I really want to get my hair in better condition!

  8. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been trying to air dry my hair more lately, but it just looks so blah! Will definitely be trying some of these products!

  9. Jessy says:

    During these hellish temperatures, I see myself air drying all the time!! I’m definitely going to look into these products hehe :p

    Xoxo Jessy

  10. Monica says:

    I live in Mexico and the best solution year round is air drying. I part my hair while wet, but don´t brush until dry. It leaves my hair in great condition and with very natural-looking waves.

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