How to Pick a Perfectly Ripe Watermelon Every Time

Jillian Knox Finley

Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

In the quest for the perfect summer fruits, it pays to be picky. Last month, we brought you our foolproof guide to choosing the perfect ripe avocado, and today we’re focusing on another summertime favorite—watermelon. The refreshing summer fruit is 92% water by nature, making it the ideal healthy, refreshing treat for fighting off those impromptu heat waves. Rife with vitamin C and antioxidants, watermelon contains valuable amino acids, vitamin A, B6, and potassium. It’s also chock-full of lycopene, one of the most powerful antioxidants available ever.

So what does it take to get the perfect melon? The selection process involves a combination of aesthetic criteria and sound testing. Everything from weight to stripe symmetry comes into play. We’ll walk you through the three-step process to taking home the pick of the litter every time. After our quick and conveniently illustrated tutorial, you’ll be a total pro. All that’s left is showing off at the farmers’ market.

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