Feeling like your confidence could use a boost? Don't stress about it; we all feel anxious and less than fully confident from time to time. When we're in that situation, what we really need to get ourselves moving again with confidence is actually to do just that--to change the way our bodies are moving.

Here are five body-language tricks to make you feel instantly more confident. Check them out to turn down your insecurities while you turn up your positive self-regard.

1. Smile.

It seems silly to smile for no reason, but somehow, our brains are able to be affected by the emotions we tell it to feel more often than not. Even if we smile to no one but ourselves, cracking a grin instantly boosts our self-esteem levels--maybe even subliminally reminding us of times that felt better. When your confidence is lagging, try smiling and see what happens.

2. Stretch tall.

Unless you're abnormally tall, making yourself feel taller in front of anyone can be a useful way to feel bigger--and better--even if its temporary. Don't slouch or roll your shoulders forward. The hunching down tells others, as well as yourself, you don't mind making yourself small.

3. Keep your hands calm.

When people get nervous, they start fiddling with objects. A calm, cool, and collected person can always spot someone who feels insecure right away by noticing where his or her hands are. Let yours rest calmly at your sides. The lack of movement may actually calm you.

4. Sit and stand with your feet slightly apart.

A "superman" stance, as people call it, is no joke. Being able to present ourselves as strong and self-secure usually results in us thinking that we really are, as we base our own behavior on the ways others treat us. Take a wider stance, and your confidence will soar.

5. Do things more slowly.

When we have precision in our movements, it's more powerful than simply doing something for the sake of the action. Our own brains know it, and the brains of everyone else know it too. Take your time, and show how you don't apologize for it. You'll feel so at ease, you won't remember having worried to begin with.