Sarah Balch
June 06, 2016

Though the art of cuffing a shirt seems easy enough—it’s not. Many of you just roll a sleeve up from the bottom of the arm to the elbow, but in most cases, the cuff doesn't stay and you're left with a messy—not to mention, wrinkled—look. Enter what many in the fashion industry have coined the "J. Crew cuff." Truth be told, we aren’t sure if it really originated with the preppy-cool brand, but there is no denying that the retailer may be the best example of using the sturdy, yet totally nonchalant cuff (just look at its catalogs or website or stores). Now that it’s summer, we are sure you are going to want to use this technique—we mean, does anything look better than a crisp white Oxford cuffed to perfection in the blazing heat? We think not. Ahead, we show you how to flawlessly execute this cuff in a few simple steps.

 Sarah Balch

1. Start with a crisp Oxford shirt.

2. Unbutton the buttons located at the end of the sleeves.

3. Fold your sleeve halfway up the arm, so that the cuff is around your elbow.

4. Roll the bottom of the sleeve up the arm one to two times, depending on how large you want the cuff to be. Here, we are do it twice for a thicker cuff.

5. Gently pull the cuff, so that it peeks out on either side for a haphazard look.

6. Scrunch the sleeve up, so it sits where you want on the arm.

7. Tug the cuff one more time, so that it sticks out. Show off the cuff!

8. Repeat on the other arm, and you’re done!

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