DIY pompom flamingo | Kittenhood

DIY pompom flamingo

DIY pompom flamingo | Kittenhood

Have you noticed that flamingos are everywhere lately? I don’t remember a bird being so popular since owls had their big hit. I blame it on the mid-century lawn flamingos and the revival of everything related to the era, but also on their beautiful, irresistible color. I tried to fight the trend, but I soon caved in. I needed some flamingos in my home, so I made them with really few supplies and so easily. I made ten (although, after a while, it was hard to stop making them) and hung them by the window in a garland. Want to try for yourself? 

How to make a pompom flamingo | Kittenhood

What you need: 

  • pink yarn
  • pink pipe cleaner
  • scissors
  • cardboard

How to make a pompom flamingo | KittenhoodHow to make a pompom flamingo | Kittenhood

Start by cutting two cardboard circles of the same size. Then cut out a smaller circle inside each one, to create a donut shape. 

Cut a very long piece of yarn. Put the cardboard circles together and wrap them in yarn, until fully covered. 

How to make a pompom flamingo | Kittenhood How to make a pompom flamingo | Kittenhood

Next, slide the scissors between the circles and start cutting the yarn all around the edge.

How to make a pompom flamingo | Kittenhood How to make a pompom flamingo | Kittenhood How to make a pompom flamingo | Kittenhood

Separate the two circles slightly, and tightly knot a piece of yarn at the middle, leaving the ends long, to act as legs. This is a good time to cut the pipe cleaner to the size you want the flamingo neck to be. Slide a piece of pipe cleaner in the hole inside the pompom. 

Remove the cardboard circles carefully and trim the pompom if necessary. Model the neck of the flamingo with your hands and you’re done! 

DIY pompom flamingo | KittenhoodDIY pompom flamingo | Kittenhood

Make as many of these as you need for a party garland, or use a single one to top a pretty gift. And I’m sure there are other uses I haven’t yet thought of! 

 DIY pompom flamingo | Kittenhood DIY pompom flamingo | Kittenhood

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  • It’s funny !
    I never thought of a DIY with wool to make a flamingo. Wool and tropicool, great idea !

  • What a lovely idea! x

  • I need pom pom flamingoes in my life – didn’t know that till just now but now it is an indisputable fact!

    • same for me, I didn’t realize how necessary these were 🙂

  • Gail Robinson McMurray

    I love this, I am so going to make this for my niece. She adores flamingos, will be so cute on top of gift. Thank you for sharing this. You have a new fan and follower.

    • Thank you! I’m sure your niece will love that!