5 Rules For Styling A Bookshelf

Kaylee Giffin of The Blondielocks is a home, fashion and DIY expert. She shared her 5 must-follow rules when styling a bookshelf, so the little details of your home are "juuust right".

The bookshelf. Everybody has one, whether it be the hand me down from your parents for your first apartment, the great piece you scored at a flea market, or the custom 100 shelf built in you had made for your impressive collection of literature. Clearly the bookshelf is a staple in every home yet often times it seems to be the place where objects go to die. From books (obviously) to mismatched picture frames with no photos, and basically every random object ever gifted, the bookshelf can easily become an eye sore. But don’t worry, there is hope for the bookshelf yet! Whether you have 10 shelves or 100, creating a stylish yet functional bookshelf is easy if you follow these 5 simple rules.

1) Place Books Strategically

The word bookshelf implies that it is meant solely for literature. However, in my opinion hoarding a ton of books on every single shelf makes for quite the eye sore. Unless you plan on colour coordinating every book, and organizing them by size, a bunch of books just looks messy. Instead of cramming every single book you own onto your shelf, be strategic. Choose only to display your favourite books, whether it’s one that makes you feel nostalgic, or a colourful design book that gives you a ton of inspiration, be selective as to what you choose and where you place them.




2) Clutter Never Looks Cute

Like I mentioned above, it’s just so darn easy to turn your bookshelf into the spot where the most random of objects gets thrown. Clutter never looks good in a home, especially if it’s all in one spot. A crammed bookshelf automatically becomes a focal point in the worst way possible, so when you are styling your shelf think about how you can simplify. An easy way to create interest is by using sets of 1 or 3. 3 books on one shelf, a statement piece on the other and so on and so forth. Too little always looks better than too much. Remember, you can always add intentional pieces as you go.




3) Start with a Statement Piece and Go from There

Is there an object in your home you love? Maybe a vase you brought back from vacation or a photo that makes you smile? Start with that as your focal point and work around it. For my shelf I really wanted bold flowers to be the focal point. Even if they are faux (mine weren’t in this case) they make a big impact. I placed my peonies close to the top so they were at eye level as this draws attention. I then styled the shelf around them opting for light tones, greenery and gold accents to compliment the flowers.



4) If You Are Going to Display a Single Object, Make It Storage

If you are anything like me, clutter happens no matter what. To try and combat clutter on your bookshelf make sure that when you decide to place a single object on the shelf that is can me used as storage. You don’t need to sacrifice style either. The glass box would be perfect for displaying things like jewelry while the wicker option is perfect for hiding things liked recipes, loose change or anything else I don’t want to keep out in the open. A large vase can even be used as storage, as long as you remember what you placed in there!




5) Add Personal Touches

 Just like adding your favourite books only is important, adding personal touches to your bookshelf is what is going to make it interesting and unique. That vase from your trip to Italy will be a conversation starter and the photo of you and your significant other will make you smile every time you walk by it. A bookshelf can still look stylish and have your personality written all over it, just try to stay away from items that are too kitschy (unless that’s your style, then by all means go for it!).



And voila!


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