A Couple Found a Vintage Titanic Poster Worth More Than $4,000

They were renovating their home and uncovered the ad hidden behind a wall.

Most home renovations end up costing money, but one lucky couple is now earning over $4,000 thanks to their DIY project.

The unnamed owners were demolishing a wall in their Wales home when they found a landscape painting hidden in a small niche. But the true treasure was tucked inside the frame: a rare 1911 poster advertising passage on the doomed Titanic.

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The steamer famously collided with an iceberg during its maiden voyage on April 14, 1912 — and 1,522 passengers lost their lives. In the immediate aftermath of the sinking, many posters were understandably removed or destroyed.

"They are very rare now because they are obviously over 100 years old but also they were scrapped after the Titanic disaster," auctioneer Andrew Aldrige explained. Today, this particular lithograph by marine artist Montague Birrell Black is now worth about £3,000. The auction will take place on April 23, with several other posters also available for sale.

[h/t Daily Mail

From: Good Housekeeping
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