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How to Embroider Cursive Handwriting: DIY Mother's Day Napkins

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DIY Embroidered Napkins with Quotes for Mother's Day |

This was my first time embroidering. Ever. It was so easy! 

There are many techniques to embroidering, but the easiest of all is the back-stitch. Essentially, you pull the thread through about 2 mm ahead of where you want the stitch to go, then pull it through and back stitch. There's nothing to it! 

I also enjoyed learning how to do the Stem Stitch, which is a forward moving stitch, you simply bring the thread up through the fabric, and stitch forward, but as you go forward you stitch in an ever so slight diagonal direction. This is an excellent trick for adding thickness to downstrokes of cursive letters to achieve the look of calligraphy, I added extra 'diagonality' <- I don't think that's a real word... to my stitches in places that I wanted letters to have a thicker stem. 

This website has a great picture tutorial for nearly every kind of stitch. Bookmark it ASAP if you plan on taking up embroidering. 

DIY Embroidered Napkins with Quotes for Mother's Day |

Even if you don't have plans to start embroidering, this is a great project to make for Mom this mother's day, or if you're like me, to make for yourself. I wanted to include cheeky 'mom quotes' to fit the bill, but you could embroider anything your heart desires! Try your monogram or last name, the options are endless. 

DIY Embroidered Napkins

Watch the video!

Supplies - Get the entire kit!

  • Hemstitch Napkins
  • Embroidery Thread 
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Embroidery Needle 
  • Pencil 
  • Free Printable 

Step 1: Print out the template, then cut each saying out. 

Step 2: Pin each saying into place under each napkin. 

Step 3: Trace the saying with a pencil. 

Step 4: Embroider the text using backstitching, or stem stitching! French knots are great for periods and adding dots to j's and i's.  

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Techniques for embroidering cursive & fonts from

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