Easy Tips For Taking Better iPhone Photos

Photographed by Jessica Nash.
Snapping spectacular photos with your smartphone is an art. We're not all born a 21st century Ansel Adams. And although an iPhone is so simple a monkey can use it, even Apple's own CEO has shown that sometimes, blurry photos happen.

By learning a few photography basics and navigating a couple of tools built into the iPhone's camera, you can quickly and easily up your photo taking abilities.

In the video below, MacRumors' videographer Matt Gonzalez outlines what you need to know to be a good iPhoneographer. The first thing to consider is composition using the rule of thirds. By switching the grid on in your camera's settings, you can more artfully frame subjects off center in your shots.

Gonzalez also recommends not using the phone's built-in digital zoom. Instead, just move closer to your subject. When you use the zoom, it makes the image extra grainy. Conversely, if you need a little extra space to capture everything in your shot, switch to Panorama mode and you can capture a wider angle.

For more tips, check out the video below.