DIY Whimsy Illustrated Eggshell Centerpiece

We are just a month away from easter, can you believe it? I love decorating eggs with my kiddos and this year, I have a few fresh ideas to decorate easter eggs for decoration or to craft with your kiddos.
I love making my own tattoos and tattoos stick so well on eggs. So I designed a little sleepy eyelash face to add to the eggs, then I added mini fresh flowers from Albertson’s. These whimsy illustrated eggshells are a fun and unique way to display for Easter or any occasion. I just love the sleepy eyelash look!


  • Eggshells
  • Mini carnations, greenery stems of your choice.
  • Printable tatto paper ( we used Silhoutte Tattoo Paper)
  • Our Free printable (download below the original image)
  1. Wash and careful clean the eggshells.
  2. Print out the clip art on the tattoo paper. Make sure you read the directions on the tattoo paper packet. I skipped the Silhoutte cutting machine steps. It’s easier if you just print out and cut them yourself.
  3. Cut out the faces.. Just around the edge. Do not cut each individual eye and nose, simply cut around to make a border.
  4. Then using a wet sponge, place the tattoo on the egg.
  5. Fill with water and add some flowers.
  6. Display on a egg ceramic crate.



Download here and print on tattoo paper.


I just amazed how cute and whimsy these eater eggs are! Display on a single egg holder or as a centerpiece using a ceramic egg crate. Check the rest of our Easter egg ideas by browsing our site.

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