DIY Stamped Easter Eggs

It feels like I haven’t done a DIY tutorial in forever! Since Easter is approaching, I decided that it’s time to bring out the egg decorating! Today we’re going to take a minimalist approach to Easter egg decorating; meaning no dyes, glue, stains, or anything messy. Instead, we will be using one of my favorite things: stamps! These easy DIY stamped eggs would make the perfect accent for your Easter table. Group them in a nest to make a beautiful centerpiece or personalize them to complete each place setting.


Ink pad

-Brown eggs

Alphabet stamp set (similar)

STEP 1: After boiling your eggs and letting them cool, simply take your stamps and begin stamping on your words. I chose to stamp on inspirational words, but you can personalize them any way you like.

STEP 2: Wait a few seconds in between stamping each letter. I like to use Stazon ink because it drys fast. After this, your Easter eggs are ready to be styled!

If you don’t want to use real eggs, then you can use wooden ones like this or this. It would create the same look, but you can keep them forever!

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick tutorial! Hope you guys have a great Friday and an awesome weekend! See you in my next post 🙂

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