As we continue to show our “amour” for Toronto #LoveBirds, we are so happy to showcase “the curator of life that is just right” Kaylee of the blog, and her doting (and dashingly handsome) boyfriend Jamie.


Couple Names: Kaylee Giffin + Jamie

Relationship: Boyfriend + Girlfriend

Q1: Which emoji best represents your relationship?


Q2: What Netflix Series/Movie best represents your relationship?

The Mindy Project

Q3: If you could take a trip together right now where would you go and why?

Backpack through Europe.

Q4: Describe each other in 3 words.

Jamie is Patient, Giving, Loyal.

Kaylee is Funny, Empathetic, Loving

Q5: “I love when…

I love it when Jamie wears everything…haha! He always manages to dress well, sometimes even better than me! But if I had to choose I love when he wears plaid button downs because they feel very “him”.

I love when Kaylee wears jeans and a t-shirt…I like seeing her natural beauty shine through.

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