hello flawless! powder foundation

custom powder cover-up

  • ivory I love me
  • petal never settle
  • champagne me, vain?
  • honey i'm cute as a bunny!
  • beige all the world's my stage
  • toasted beige what i crave
  • amber i'm haute for sure
  • hazelnut why walk when you can strut?
  • nutmeg too fierce to beg

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Say "hello" to flawless!

This famous powder cover-up glides on naturally sheer and layers beautifully for customized coverage. The silky formula comes with a newly designed brush AND a sponge for any degree of coverage you desire.

  • Magnetic-close compact
  • Perfect for any skin type
  • Satin finish 


7.0g Net wt. 0.25 oz




Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.


Glam as you go!

A little here & a bit more there...Benebabe’s choice! To achieve a satiny finish, sweep on with the brush using light, quick strokes and blend from the center of your face outward. For full coverage, apply evenly over entire complexion with the sponge. For a little extra spot coverage, pat gently & blend beautifully

Reviews & Questions

May 5, 2017

Good Product

Location: ashburn,VA

Very nice product to use.

Apr 22, 2017

Product that I use everyday

Location: SYDNEY

This works on my face

Apr 9, 2017

Good Product

Beauty Junk
Location: Georgia

I like this product. it is very good

Apr 7, 2017

This product is excellent!

Location: Sydney

I love this product because it suits me perfectly.

Apr 2, 2017

Absolutely wonderful

Location: London
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “Perfect one”

Great product, loved it!!

Apr 1, 2017

Smooth Finish

Location: Melbourne

It is suitable for all skins mostly suitable to oily skin. For oily skin with redness this would be a perfect foundation for you! It covers subtle redness well and absorbs excess oil to leave you with a matte finish. Definitely a good foundation for very oily skin

Mar 13, 2017

Very nice product

Location: Ashburn,va

It is a very nice product to use .

Jan 30, 2017

Good product!

Location: Portsmouth
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light

It gives a good coverage and it's not too thick that it looks like it has been smothered on. I want it to conceal my red cheeks and sometimes it does this but maybe I need to use other products along side it. Overall though a good powder.

Nov 24, 2016

First Aid Gear

Location: Jakarta

From the very first application, I knew I fell in love with this product. I have a normal and combination skin type, the powder blended well with my skin and it lasts up to 6 hours. I live in a tropical area with high humidity, being sweaty will always be a part of it and the idea to reapply powder can be quite a handful. But this powder managed to stay longer than I expected. Would defo purchase it again :)

Oct 30, 2016


Location: Toronto


Oct 28, 2016


Location: Scotland
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “Natural, good coverage, flawless”

I use this ontop of hello flawless oxygen wow, it give a better coverage! Sits well on my skin & Champagne is the perfect match for me as this is always a struggle for me!

Oct 27, 2016


Location: Orange County

I rarely wear foundation for the simple reason that literally every type I have ever bought ALWAYS makes me look pale and washed out. Even when it is supposedly color-matched to my skin tone at a professional makeup counter I get home and it ends up being more or less useless because it's too light and I look pasty--it has never failed. Long story short, a Benefits associate put this on me and WOW. It is quick, easy and looks amazing! My face is glowy and even and it doesn't aggravate my allergies. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I hope it never goes away!

Oct 21, 2016

a really good light powder

Location: England
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “lightweight but a good coverage :)”

This powder does a very good job at adding a bit more coverage to your makeup routine. I personally like to wear it over a foundation but my friend likes to just wear the powder, it depends how much coverage you want. it makes sure that your makeup doesn't move anywhere during the day and leaves your skin look flawless (obviously) all around a very good product.

Jul 27, 2016

Not so good at shine control

Location: Kent
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

I bought this product to try and combat some shine, it works great for coverage but my face was shiney in an hour or two. Wouldn't buy again

May 7, 2016

Does what it says!

Location: London
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “very easy to use and does the job”

Love this product! I have combination skin and was lucky to find this product that works well with my skin. I use Beige and it blends really well with my skin colour and covers up pesky acne marks and spots. I have bought this product three times now- its the best!

Apr 23, 2016


Location: Melbourne

This is a great product

Apr 15, 2016


Location: Sydney

great product

Apr 13, 2016

Lovely lightweight powder

Location: Scotland
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “great coverage, lightweight”

I love that this powder is so lightweight yet gives such great coverage. It looks lovely over foundation or alone and works especially well controlling oil all day.

Apr 4, 2016


Location: Chicago

I love almost everything Benefit, but this product totally fell flat. As side from the cute packaging and great brush, this powder was very very drying and not a lot of coverage :(

Apr 3, 2016

Gives a really beautiful finish

Location: Essex, UK
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Fair

Lightweight and wearable

Feb 11, 2016

Beautiful lightweight powder

Wellness by Wendy, Esthetician, CMT
Location: Virginia

I use a light dusting of this powder over my Hello Flawless liquid foundation and it gives a gorgeous matte finish! You can apply it lightly with a brush or build more coverage with a blender sponge. Absolutely love this product!!

Oct 26, 2015


Location: England

This powder is by far the best powder i've ever used. It has great coverage and comes with a light soft brush which doesn't interrupt foundation underneath and covers evenly. If you want minimal effort with flawless results, get this. I will buy over and over again!

Aug 17, 2015

Great coverage

Location: Northampton, Northampton, UK

Absolutely fabulous - comes with both a brush and a make-up pad!

Jun 18, 2015

Perfect powder

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

This powder is light weight and buildable - I can apply a little for natural coverage or more to cover spots etc.

Jun 12, 2015

Love this!

Location: Chelmsford, Essex, UK

I use this over my foundation for a shine-free finish. You don't need much - just a light dusting. I also love the packaging - the inclusion of a brush and a sponge all within the same compact is genius.

Jun 10, 2015


Location: Netherlands

I don't even know how such a good product can exist! Seems too good to be true - BUT IT IS! It makes my face look clean, flawless and natural, like I am not wearing powder. It gives a great coverage and for me it lasts all day. Absolutely perfect! My favorite benefit product by far and one of the few i can't leave without.

Apr 13, 2015

Absolutely wonderful!!!!!

Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Another great product from benefit, if you need greater coverage apply it with a sponge and it truly gives a flawless finish. the powder is not over drying and lasts a good while. You can use it as a setting powder with a foundation also but it gives a very good coverage on its own as well.

Mar 9, 2015

Great Product/Small amount for price

Location: Houston, TX, USA

I love this product...It matches perfect and covers well. One problem...it only last a few weeks, and I don't wear much at all, very light coverage. Sadly, I am considering other brands ONLY because of the small amount of product for the price.

Jan 13, 2015

Okay powder..

Location: Undisclosed

Has great coverage and makes my face look flawless when first applied, but doesn't last all day. My face started to get oily again after a few hours.

Dec 23, 2014


Location: Abbottstown

I just got mine at Ulta yesterday.. And I must say I don't think I'll ever use anything else again. Its coverage is great, and with a little bit of benefits primer it really looks FLAWLESS! I am going to keep this review short and simple.. It is just amazing stuff...

Nov 1, 2014

Easy easy easy

Location: Portugal

i am completely in love with this product. My skin seems like baby skin when I use it and I can apply it when i arrive at the job, in the car or in another place cause i don´t have to wash my hands next :) unfortunately you didn´t ship to Portugal.

Sep 27, 2014

Very Flawless!!

Location: Venice, FL, USA

This is a wear all over including eyelids and under eye's. I have never used a powder that claimed these things and delivered ! It's so delicate and light going on people just say what a beautiful complexion i have. I am so glad i tried this and will be a Flawless powder wearer for life !!

Sep 27, 2014


Location: England, UK

I am a huge fan of this powder, it's probably the best I've ever tried. It is matte, lightweight but provides a good amount of coverage which is buildable. The design is great, compact and the brush and sponge are useful to have. My only issue with this product and I do think it is a big issue is the tiny amount you get. I have gone through two of these and just bought a third since the start of the summer. I find within a week I've dented the amount and you can see the bottom of the packaging. I am by no means against paying a premium for Benefit but I do feel cheated by the amount given here.

Sep 26, 2014

Beautiful Powder; Just Wish There Was More of It

Location: Undisclosed

I love this powder and it has beautiful coverage; I just wish there wasn't so little in the container. I would much rather prefer more powder if it meant I had to buy a separate kabuki brush, and I find the included sponge to be relatively useless.

Sep 4, 2014

Great cover!

Location: Australia

I bring this powder with me everywhere. I can use it as a quick touch up or for more cover when needed. Everyone should use it!

Aug 31, 2014

A perfect cover up for my skin

Location: Undisclosed

My skin is very sensitive, so it was very hard to find a perfect skin cover up product. But I've finally got it. It is Hello Flawless from Benefit Cosmetics. Since 2009, i use it every morning. What I most like about it is the perfect fit. Even when I got tired, or didn't sleep enough, Hello Flawless performs perfectly on my skin. So, my colleagues couldn't nitice that my skin was in a bad condition. I love Hello Flawless, but there is one thing that i don't like about it. It is the capacity. It is just 7g. Please increase the capacity, or please launch a refill product.

Aug 31, 2014


Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

This product is very light and fun.. but it does not have very great coverage. I would also recommend this product to be paired with dandelion blush and posi-tint tint.

Aug 12, 2014

I will no longer be able to use this product. I love the...

Location: Fort Worth, TX, USA

I will no longer be able to use this product. I love the product but it has less and less powder to use. Now one only lasts 14 days I am very disappointed that they are doing this with Hellow Flawless

Jul 13, 2014

Love, love, love it!!

Location: Worcestershire, UK

This really is a wonder product for me! I am prone to shine and was sick of seeing photos of me with the flash light glaring off my forehead. Since buying "hello flawless" I dont have this problem (even on hot days) and one application seems to last the day!! Plus you have the added bonus of SPF15! Just wish it was a little cheaper so I could stock up!!

Jun 17, 2014

Love it!

Location: England, UK

This powder came in the 'How to look the best at everything kit' that I got as a gift and I absolutely love it! I often wear it instead of foundation as it has great coverage and makes my skin look fabulous. Another great product from Benefit.

Jun 4, 2014

goodbye foundation!

Location: London, UK

OMG this powder is amazing! I literally wear it instead of a foundation because it actually looks like a foundation! it covers SO well and stays on all day without the porefessional! feels sooooo smooth even after 8 hours of wearing it! I no longer use a foundation that much any more because this literally does the job. I got myn in a slightly darker shade for my skin so it would look like a foundation but it looks soooo sheer and matte and doesn't move throughout the day. DEFINITELY worth the money if you are looking for a good powder, BUY THIS ONE... NOW!!!! love it and it is my holy grail product/powder.... goodbye foundation and once again another brilliant product from the amazing benefit. thanks ;)

May 23, 2014

great coverage

Location: St. Louis, MO, USA

Foundation is too heavy for my taste, but I wanted a powder that gave good coverage. This has done that for me when I use the sponge and it is buildable to how much coverage I wasn't. Unsure if I will repurchase yet, but I do like this and would recommend it. Only con for me is that it can show your dry skin so use sparingly if you are dry.

May 12, 2014

Great product although runs out quickly!

Location: Leicester, UK

Love this product, feels so great on my skin. I often use it over moisturiser/concealer and it still gives great coverage. Also gives a great finish over liquid foundation, without going cakey! Only downside is, I've had it a few weeks and can already see I'm getting through it quickly which is a shame as it's not cheap.

May 8, 2014

Will always buy from Online!

Location: SF, CA

I can not live with out this product, it finishes my foundation look and is great for a quick freshing-up in the afternoon. BUT I bought from Macy's in San Rafael (not my home city) and when I got home to start using it it was totally smashed and crumbly. I would return it but I had needed it IMMEDIATELY. I think it may have been missing an extra protection or something in the packaging. I got my order from Benefit Online and it arrive Perfect! So I am only using broken up one at home and traveling with new fresh one.

Apr 2, 2014


Location: San Jose, CA, USA

I like to use my "hello flawless" as a 2nd to to my liquid foundation. An i only use a little otherwise it will either make you look too light or too dark. just swirl.. tap.. and then swipe

Mar 22, 2014

love love love this powder!

Location: Northern California

I was looking for the perfect powder compact to keep in my purse for touch up throughout the day and I found so much more than that! Hello flawless is the perfect product for light to full coverage. You can brush on for a light cover or use the sponge for full coverage. Or you can use over your bb cream for an even fuller coverage and flawless look! So happy I found this stuff!

Mar 4, 2014

My favorite powder foundation

Location: Boston, MA

I must say that I am in love with this powder. I used to only wear powder foundation and I have compacts from two other big name companies but I ended up switching to Benefit's liquid Hello Flawless foundation and I never use the powders I have anymore. However, I needed to buy a really lightweight powder that I could sweep over my liquid foundation, BB cream (Benefit's Big Easy), or over my skin to liven it up without going for the full finish look. I love that Benefit gives the two applicators and the brush they include is super soft and perfect for the sheer coverage that I was looking for. I am really impressed with this powder and I will continue to repurchase it! I love that when I am wearing it, on it's own or on top of something else, I don't feel it because it is so light and breathable. It is perfect for me.

Feb 12, 2014

Great product!

Location: Australia

Pros: Lightweight, build able coverage, doesn't look or feel cakey. Cons: Cannot be used to take photos, hit pan within a week, too much fall-out of the product when using a fluffy powder brush, expensive (the most expensive powder I've splurged on).

Feb 9, 2014

love it !

Location: Undisclosed

It is very nice and I would say it is the best powder among things i have used. Good cover, not dry, silky texture, very nice for my skin. I really like it.

Feb 7, 2014

Best Coverage in a Powder

Location: Houston, TX, USA

I love this stuff! Coverage is wonderful. I am oily, so I only like to use powder foundations. I was using Origins and was happy with it, but when I tried the Watts Up with my Origins, my pores stood out like a flashing red light! I love Watts Up and didn't want to stop using it, so I wanted to give this a try, and it helped. A lot! The pores are still a little visible where I use Watts Up, but not nearly as much. (and yes, I use the Porefessional Primer). However, I only gave it four stars because while it is a standard price for a good foundation, it has much less in the compact. So you don't get as much for your money. Other than that, it's the best!

Jan 11, 2014

Nice, but don't use it with the sponge

Location: Undisclosed

It's a very nice powder: 1. stays on my skin for quite a long time: - on a foundation (e.g. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow*): for about 4 hours (or a bit more) - on a concealer (e.g. Erase Paste*): a bit longer, maybe for 5h 2. mattes pretty well 3. the brush is very nice, quite comfortable in usage 4. very economic, can last you for several years But: 1. it can reveal the driness of the skin 2. doesn't have full-cover finish 3. might make you feel that your face is cakey 4. the sponge is awful 5. the package breaks easily ---- *I actually used it with these products

Jan 9, 2014

5 stars!

Location: Sussex, UK

This powder (in Honey) looks fantastic teamed with the Hello Flawless liquid (in Honey) foundation, you don't need loads of it as you already get a lot of coverage from the liquid but the two together gives you a completely flawless complexion - I won't ever be changing from this product!

Dec 19, 2013

So easy to use!!

Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia

This is my every day makeup as its so quick and easy to apply. But it's also perfect for using over a foundation when you need to really glam it up and it blends effortlessly.

Dec 13, 2013

Incredible coverage, yet lightweight.

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Benefits pressed powder has impressed me above and beyond numerous higher priced base powders (who, coincidentally) promise more, lightweight, flawless coverage. Although, smell was pleasant, coverage seemed either "chalky", very made-up or refused to allow one's natural glow to work with, not against, their product. I will not have to use liquid coverage again and as I grow older, I find the powder only coverage the most youthful look to embrace.

Nov 22, 2013


Location: Dorset, UK

I love this powder. Once on it doesn't appear powdery. I was surprised with the decent coverage if applied with the sponge, the brush is ideal for quick touch-ups. I keep it in my handbag for emergencies! The only downside is the brush. It is usable but ideally a foundation powder brush is required.

Oct 10, 2013

Tester in the store, before buy

Location: South Korea

If you wipe your face with a brush once, greasy dissipates. Neat and good.

Sep 24, 2013

Best powder I've ever bought!

Location: Northampton, UK

This powder is fantastic! Looks light on skin, not cakey, it actually covers spots and sometimes I will wear this powder instead of foundation, recommend this product!

Sep 24, 2013

Great coverage

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

the coverage of the powder is great and truly makes your skin flawless. My only complaint is that if you try to use the brush it gets everywhere and creates a mess.

Sep 16, 2013

I love it!

Location: Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan...

I love this foundation ... has a perfect matte finish ... I use That Gal and then this. I recommend it 100% .... is super soft ..the skin is perfect

Sep 7, 2013

Absolutely flawless

Location: Gloucestershire, UK

I love this powder it gives you a flawless finish, it does exactly what it says on the packaging. I would recommend this!

Sep 4, 2013

Fantastic for everyday wear

Location: Undisclosed

Hello flawless! is my everyday go to make-up. It's sheer and light weight on my skin, but formidable to my dark lines and pesky spots.

Sep 4, 2013

My life saver

Location: USA

This product is so amazing. If you are looking for a powder, buy this one. It may be expensive, but it is totally worth it. I applied it with the little sponge provided, and the coverage was SO GREAT! This product works as a concealer, powder, and foundation! You get the coverage of a foundation, but it feels so much lighter and it doesn't look or feel like you are wearing a heavy makeup. LOVE IT!!!

Aug 29, 2013

Love! Love! Love!

Location: Salinas, CA, USA

I've recently been switching up my make-up routine because I just could not find anything that fit my skin tone and didn't break out my skin. I've just started using Benefit products and I fell in love with this powder. The "Hello Flawless!" Powder feels like light silk on your skin. Even when you need to put extra on if you have really hard to cover blemishes it does not look cakey at all! It took a couple of tries to find a color that would look decent on my skin tone. I wish there was more product because sometimes when I have break outs I need a bit more than usual and the powder will go very quickly. I also wish they had a larger selection of color options in this powder form and in the liquid foundation form. Overall I love this product and will continue to use it.

Aug 27, 2013

Worth every penny

Location: Durham, County Durham, UK

I really struggle to find a good powder that doesn't make me look ghostly or orange. Finally, I have found this little beauty. It gives just the right amount of coverage without caking and the sponge and brush are great for when you want certain spots covered or the whole face. Definitely purchasing this again.

Aug 11, 2013


Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK

I found this product very hard to use alone. However I tried using it to set my Benefit Liquid foundation and it worked really well, it's also good for top-ups during the day to help combat that shine! So in that sense I do really like it, I just couldn't use it as an everyday foundation. I'm also pale and had to buy the shade 'champagne'. I probably would repurchase this item.

Jul 31, 2013

This product is so lightweight!

Location: Medford, OR, USA

I use this product along with the playstick. I have found that it gives me great coverage and does not clump and I rarely have to reapply throughout the day. I love how it looks and gives a great finish. I am also acne prone and I have found both the hello flawless and playstick do not give me breakouts! Finally happy with my foundation!!!!!

Jul 30, 2013

My favorite powder

Location: Singapore

I've tried many powders and couldn't find one that I like. Some cake up after a while but this didn't. It spreads flawlessly on my face and I simply love the natural coverage it provides. Now already finishing my 3rd box and getting more. I've never used the brush it provides though.

Jul 25, 2013


Location: UK

i love this powder it gives great coverage and if you wear the porefessional,hello flawless oxygen wow foundation and the hello flawless powder in that order it will give you AMAZING coverage so if you dont like this product wear it with the porefessional and hello falwess oxygen wow and then tell us what you think and it is so light weight and the packaging in super cute i cant live without this powder

Jul 24, 2013

So Dissapointed...

Location: Undisclosed

For many years I used Get Even in shade 01 which I LOVED! I was devastated to hear that it was discontinued... I purchased Hello Flawless in 'gee I'm swell' Ivory in hopes that I could find something as wonderful as the Get Even powder which was perfect for my exceptionally fair skin. I was so disappointed, even the fairest shade was far too orange for me and worse still it oxidises after a few hours so I looked like I was wearing an orange mask! As well as the shade range being disappointing, the product crumbles in the packaging and it by no means controls oil. My face was very shiny after a few hours, even though i don't have oily skin. This product is not suited to those who desire more coverage, no matter how much you apply. Certainly not worth the money. I would only recommend this to those with much darker skin tones or looking for something sheer. Sadly this is not a very good quality product from Benefit Cosmetics, I love the other products but don't waste your time or money with this!

Jul 8, 2013

Love it!!

Location: Undisclosed

I bought two for me and my friend. we use this pact only. +_+ Especially in Summer, I can stay in the status nearly same as in the morning.

Jun 21, 2013

Great Coverage

Location: Undisclosed

I bought this powder recently, and i am in love. This powder has great coverage and does not make me feel cakey. i don't think i'll ever stop using it!

Jun 5, 2013

Best Product Ever!

Location: Undisclosed

I have tried so many other powders that claim to have good coverage and nothing has come close to this. My skin gets oily with any other brand or type of powder foundation. This also lasts longer than any other powder I've tried. It's light weight and matches my skin tone perfectly!

May 21, 2013

Loved Get Even? - Try Hello Flawless! Fab!

Location: Swansea

If you loved get even and was panicking as I was when it was disscontinued, try Hello Flawless, its great coverage and lasts as long as Get Even did. You will have to try to match your skin tone as there is a greater selection of colours!

May 14, 2013

I use this every day as a concealer AND foundation

Location: Portland, OR

I love this stuff! I have some acne scars and still get blemishes sometimes, and while this powder doesn't completely mask the biggest, nastiest blemishes, it really minimizes them and covers up most problem areas on my face completely. I apply the included sponge to use it as a concealer, then just use a big, fluffy kabuki brush to apply it more lightly as a foundation. It makes my skin look great and it doesn't clog my pores, which is wonderful as I have oily skin. It has excellent staying power, especially with "that gal" primer. I highly recommend this for anyone who prefers a concealer/foundation with a lighter touch.

Apr 28, 2013

Fantastic Product!

Location: Chicago

Wow! I stumbled upon this after having a spur-of-the-moment brow wax at the local Benefit Brow Bar, and it is AMAZING!!!!! It provides the perfect coverage - airbrushed look while still hiding any flaws.. It also keeps my skin shinefree all day, which isn't something I've found with outher products. Thank you, Benefit!

Mar 20, 2013


Location: Houston, TX, USA

I am 29 and have NEVER EVER WORN powder , or anything other than eye make up and lip gloss. Well i started breaking out like a teenager and set out to find make up to cover it up. well with a little concelear and this product its completely hidden. :) i love love love it!!

Mar 16, 2013

Does what it says on the box!

Location: UK

This powder is extraordinary, it really does give you a flawless complexion, the mirror inside is great and the two applicators are fabulous and the magnet to shut it is such a good idea! for an overall coverage the brush brilliant however for any blemishes that sponge dabbed onto the area makes any redness and spots invisible. I swear by this product and for less than £25 its a bargain. By far my favourite essential in my make up bag!

Mar 9, 2013

There is no other powder!

Location: Exeter, Devon, UK

I have used this for a few years now and absolutely adore it! However your feeling and looking this does not fail to make you look amazingly fresh! It gives a lovely matt covering and is true to it's name "Hello Flawless!". I love it and even have one put aside for emergency! :D This is worth every pretty penny in my opinion and it really is the one 'MUST-HAVE' in nay girls cosmetic bag! :) It always saves the day!

Feb 18, 2013


Location: Australia

I have been using this product for years. I am just about to turn 19 and through my late teen years i have refused to use anything else! it doesnt clog my pores. it looks great so its perfect and it feels light!

Feb 12, 2013

Hello Flawless finish

Location: United Kingdom

I wear this powder over the hello flawless oxygen wow and I must say with its matte finish it brings the look together nicely. I had never worn a powder before I purchased this (due to my thinking it would look like I had caked my make up on) and the representative recommended it due to the varga girl esq look I was hoping to achieve for a special event. I also put this powder over the top of the facial emulsion if I'm in a hurry just to give my skin a bit of a lift and it works perfectly.

Jan 28, 2013

Pretty perfect powder... and everything else

Location: Madrid, Spain

I received an e-mail from you today, a few minutes ago, asking what I thought about my recent order, and, without really knowing if this is going to be published, I'm writing this review to let you know. At first, I didn't see the point. I'd already written a review about Sexy Little Stowaways, telling you how I loved the kit, because I believe it to be most useful and also, telling you that I ordered it because this was not available in Spain (I wonder if it will ever be, I'm afraid it will not, eventually). As for Hello Flawless powder, I thought that writing a review about this one was a little pointless too, because I'd already posted one about three months ago, telling you, in a nutshell, how I liked this powder and that I couldn't do without it now. Regarding my recent order, I ordered Hello Flawless powder in Petal, for two reasons: it is unavailable in Spain (we get Shell instead) and I'm running out of the Petal pot I already had, so I wanted to restock. As for the other product I ordered, it was another one of your Christmas kits, Away we glow. So I think the best thing for me to do is write a review about Her Name was Glowla (after all, both are the same kit). In general, I'm quite satisfied about my order.

Jan 11, 2013


Location: Minnesota

I was having some major issues with the makeup that I was using so I decided to get new makeup. I decided on Benefit Hello Flawless cause I have read many great things about the product. It has lived up to the raves! I love this product because of the great coverage and the natural look it gives your face! I am in love with this product!! I am so glad I bought it! I was worried at first that it may make me break out but I haven't! I can't imagine using another product!

Jan 10, 2013

The Best powder i've ever tried

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

I tried lots of powders beginning from the economy segment mass market ones to the most luxurious premuim products. But the "Hello Flawless" is the best ive ever tried. the price is more that OKAY!!! Last week i've bought nearly my 11th powder. I will not change my loyalty to this powder for many-many years! Must be product in my cosmetic bag.

Dec 29, 2012


Location: Devon, UK

This powder gives such an amazing, matte, finish over the flawless liquid foundation. I have never used a powder like this before and it lasts all day! I go horse riding and it only gets a little shiny afterwards. Brilliant!

Dec 28, 2012


Location: Victoria, Australia

I love this foundation and always order ahead to make sure I never ever run out! It colour matches perfectly (I'm Never Settle - Petal) and is so easy to apply. I have combination skin and use the sponge to ever so sparingly get the right coverage. I use it over That Gal and Porefessional and my foundation goes on super easily and does not shift or slide throughout the day.

Dec 24, 2012

Great for oily skin

Location: Akron, OH, USA

I have oily, acne-prone skin, so I like using powder to mattefy, but need better coverage for scars. I can use this with the included sponge (with the Stay-Put underneath) and not have to wear liquid foundation, which always made me feel "made up".

Dec 20, 2012

perfect match to my skin tone

Location: Singapore

I finally found a compact powder that suits my skin tone! I loved how it conceals uneven skin tones and yet don't make me feel like I'm wearing a thick layer of makeup. I've always been applying it with a face powder brush and the results were great!! I'm on to my 3rd box... just wish there's a refill box available.

Nov 16, 2012

love over the liquid

Location: NY

i love pairing this foundation with it's matching liquid shade. the 2 combine give me full coverage, flawless finish and this helps to mattify any shine in my skin. it is very lightweight and easy to use

Oct 30, 2012

A nice matte finish...

Location: Undisclosed

I've bought this product twice and I really love the matte finish it gives and it smells lovely. The only problem is that it doesn't last long, both on the face and in the box for me :(

Oct 14, 2012

Great coverage

Location: Wales, UK

After popping in to my nearest counter I had this applied and honestly haven't used a powder like it! I purchased this along with the new hello flawless oxygen wow in honey (im so money). They are great to use together on a bad day as they give good coverage and on a good day I like to use just the powder, it really is flawless and cannot praise it enough! Its not too heavy and im never without it, it has lasted longer than I expected as I use it most days. Lovely product and love the packaging also!

Oct 7, 2012

Build that baby!

Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia

I have been using this for a while now and have told all my friends to try it. Has all the coverage of a liquid foundation without the heavy feeling. I have dry skin but it never looks cakey. You can give it just a light sweep for a super natural look or build it up for more perfect, evening do. Works well over Some Kinda Gorgeous as well if you really want some maximum coverage. Winner!

Oct 7, 2012

Best Powder I've Ever Used

Location: California

I had been using the same powder for the last 15 years of my life and decided to try something different; needless to say, I am so glad I did! This powder is incredible! It does not cake, it evens out my skin tone and actually looks more natural than the one I was previously using. My only complaint is that there is less makeup in this compact than my other brand; however, I rarely have to reapply so we'll see how long this one lasts. I am hooked like a corset!

Oct 4, 2012

Smooth finish EXACTLY what I was looking for!!

Location: San Francisco

I wanted a powder that hides minor flaws and had a clean smooth finish, "Hello Flawless!" was PERFECT!! People noticed right away I had changed my make-up that my skin tone looked so even, soft and touchable. It stays on and looks great. as my first Benefit purchase I was so impressed. It really surpassed all the other department store make-up I have tried, everything else looked so grainy. I also purchased the Porefessional primer LOVED IT! Then I got the skin cleansers and moisturizers (Smells soo fresh!) and doesn't strip all the moisture from my skin. It was very gentle on my sensitive skin. I was on a search for the perfect skincare/make-up...I finally found it with Benefit! :)

Oct 4, 2012

Wrong Color Selected but Awesome Product!

Location: Michigan, USA

This online purchase is the wrong color for my skin tone (honey), but I love the fluffy texture of the powder. I like the convenient brush that comes with the makeup, but use my own makeup brush since I only apply this from home. Typically, when I prime with Dr. Feel Good after cleansing and moisturizing, this power lasts all day with no touch up needed. However, during the hot months I need to blot or spritz my T-zone but that's the only maintenance work needed. I'm 49, olive skinned, Native American in both the Midwest US and the Prairie Provinces of Canada and love the ease of application with this product no matter what season or where I am located. Since this product lasts a long time, I correct the wrong tone for me with You Rebel in dark foundation. Thanks, Benefit Cosmetics for a great product!

Oct 4, 2012

I just can't do without this now

Location: Madrid, España

I began using this powder on top of both Porefessional and That Gal (together with a little bit of Erase Paste applied on my spots), for a very natural finish. Then, I began combining this both with Some Kind-a Gorgeous and the playsticks, which I still do; I even applied it solo, with the sponge (both wet and dry); but now, since HFOW was released, that excellent foundation has found its perfect mate in this powder. I follow your tip about taking flawless further, but I sometimes combine colours (since I have fair complexion, I use Ivory, Petal and Champagne, with medium or slightly darker powder shades, just to add a little touch of colour. And I always apply it with a brush, for a natural result.

Sep 29, 2012

A compact I cannot live without!

Location: London

When I tried this product in the shop, I wondered if it was just a tad unnecessary. After all, I was wearing concealer and foundation too. How wrong I was - "hello flawless" is one of my favourite make up products. It is an excellent concealer and finishing powder - and also can be worn alone for when you're having good skin days ;) I am blonde, very pale and freckly, and I use "Gee I'm Swell - SHELL" which is just right at the moment. I don't know whether winter will make me even paler, and I hope not because I think this is the lightest colour Benefit do. My only criticism is that for the price the product does not last very long. The brush makes it go faster than the sponge so I'm really careful about how I apply it. I"m on my third compact in 5 months.... but its such an excellent product, it is one that I will pay for.

Sep 15, 2012


Location: United Kingdom

This is one of the best setting powders I have ever used! I bought it with 'Hello Flawless Oxygen Now'' In 'Believe in me'. I couldn't stop myself after I got colour matched! Its amazing my face looks natural, young but perfect! I use it everyday with my 'that gal' primer and my 'hello flawless' foundation! Looks amazing! Thanks so much Benefit! <3

Aug 30, 2012

Hello flawless skin

Location: London, UK

I bought this powder cover up because i had previously bought hello flawless oxygen wow and wanted to try them together. Overall this is a great product as it does what it says, it covers up. not so brilliant if you have dry skin as makes it look more dry, id suggest putting a moisturiser on first. The only problem i had was that there was too much powder being gathered with one sweep of the brush. This caused the product to run out very quickly

Aug 23, 2012

not too good for me

Location: galliano, Louisiana

i recieved this as an example umm good thing i didnt purchase this!!! omg it makes my face sweat like crazy... i never wear foundation thank god i have nice skin but i just try it out since it was a example but not good!!!

Aug 6, 2012


Location: Canada

I recieved this as a sample in an order and was disappointed. Although the texture of the foundation was lovely, I found the formula chalky. I used a sponge to apply the formula and was not satisfied with the coverage - I could still see acne scars. My skin is not dry, but the foundation was visibly powdery on my skin and looked caked on. I think this product is suited to people with very oily skin, but it is not the foundation for me.

Aug 2, 2012


Location: USA

This is hands down, the most amazing powder concealer I have ever encountered! I first tried it with the brush, and the result was a little "meh." But then I tried applying with sponge, and oh my gosh the difference that makes! It covers, it's light, it's flattering, it's amazing!

Jul 30, 2012

Great coverage, but makes me oily

Location: KY

I have been using this makeup for about 7 months now and I still love it. I use the shade "never settle petal" and it's very light and pretty. My only complaint is that looks very oily after I have worn it for about 2 hours. I have never had any problems with oil before since I started using this product. My friend recommended using a good primer with it to keep the oil down because I really don't want to give up this makeup! One package last me 2-3 months.

Jul 30, 2012

I swear by this product now! It gives a good full...

Location: Undisclosed

I swear by this product now! It gives a good full coverage when applied with the sponge, which is what I need because I suffer from redness. This product gives me a confidence I've never had before, and now I won't go out the house without it. So now you're wondering why I've given it such a rating when I'm giving such a glowing review? It doesn't last long at all. For me, this product is expensive, and I find it hard to justify spending so much when it doesn't last long. However, it's such an amazing product that I'm still buying it because I honestly couldn't live without it.

Jul 27, 2012


Location: australia

the plastic black brush is cheep looking and stinging pain little bits. but working well recommend to use I like it

Jul 20, 2012

I can't use anything else!!

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

I absolutely love this product. My Mum and I are both totally addicted. It doesn't cake at all, and gives my very porcelain skin a beautiful baby-smooth glow. I tend to use the sponge all over rather than the brush as I prefer more coverage, and still don't get a cakey result. You also don't need much - a box usually lasts me about 6 months.

Jul 18, 2012

Better Than Flawless

Location: Brisbane QLD, Australia

When I bought the liquid hello flawless oxygen wow foundation, the lady popped this over the top. I didn't buy it then and there as I have several other powders. But two days later I was back in the store to pick this up - nothing else compares to the finish this gives. Flawless doesn't do it justice. And can I just say this, with the liquid foundation lasts all day 12+ hours no touch ups.

Jul 17, 2012

BEST powder foundation EVER!

Location: Lynden, WA

This stuff is so amazing! It's so light and has amazing coverage, I even found that it started clearing up my acne, I also love that it has SPF in it, perfect powder foundation :)

Jul 17, 2012

So lightweight I love it!

Location: Miami, FL, USA

A sales rep at a Sephora initially introduced me to the hello flawless powder, and since that day im completely hooked! I absolutely love the feel of the powder on my face, its so lightweight, silky, and blends so well with my skintone. Now that its summertime and I have a consistant tan I use the Amber shade. Honestly I would not go back to any other foundation after this. I cant wait to test out the other products this line has to offer!

Jul 9, 2012

LOVE THIS but it doesn't last long

Location: Undisclosed

I was so impressed with this product. I was first introduced to it at the Benefit Brow Bar and I bought it immediately after the girl at the counter applied it. It has such amazing coverage and even with my acne prone skin, it seriously makes your face look flawless. My only disappointment is that there just is not that much of this powder in one container. I went through one in about three weeks which was super sad. I want to continue using it but I may have to look for another product that will last me longer.

Jun 27, 2012

Dissapointed with this product.

Location: Undisclosed

When I recieved this as a present from a friend recently I was very excited! I had heard great things about it, but was very disapointed when I tried out the product. The brush didn't give me any coverage and the sponge gave a very cakey affect. The consistency was too thick and the shade didn't suit my skin tone. But with that said the packaging is nice. Wondering now whether if I got a different shade would it be any better, but don't want to spend that much money as a risk. Oh well. I might try out hello flawless oxygen wow and see if that suits me better.

Jun 13, 2012

Name says it all! FLAWLESS!

Location: Kelowna, BC

I just started using Hello Flawless in "All The World's My Stage Beige," and it's simply divine. Full coverage without looking cakey but still a lightweight formula that isn't dry nor greasy. It's just that perfect combination, but keep in mind my skin is not fussy, but it's sensitive towards oily products. I will definitely recommend this product and purchase again

Jun 11, 2012

Don't be afraid of change! My new HG products

Location: Sacramento, California

As I was running out of my last tub of mineral powder foundation I went to my local Ulta to replace it with no intentions of ever using it again. This product was recommended, so I had the girl match my color and put some on me. She started with the "that gal" primer with a foundation brush then added the foundation with a wedge sponge and ended with "boi-ing" concealer with a brush as well on my acne, scars, and redness. I loved the look, the ease of use and the natural feeling. Needless to say I bought all 3.

Jun 10, 2012


Location: Las Vegas, NV

I cannot live without this product. I have a reddish skin. But when i use petal hello flawless, it covers my reddish skin perfectly! I dont use the brush, I use a little sponge to cover my face perfectly. Now i do not have to worry about my reddish skin. I LOVE THE PETAL HELLO FLAWLESS<3

Jun 9, 2012


Location: NY

I liked the texture, buildable coverage and application when blended with a foundation brush. Best used on skin that is not overly abundant in fine lines, wrinkles or dryness, for those areas will show no matter what when coverage increases. I am impressed though for how natural it did look on, hard for any powder foundation.

Jun 8, 2012

It is perfect, it covers very well and stay all day long...

Location: France

It is perfect, it covers very well and stay all day long : i will buy it again

Jun 3, 2012

Absolutely a must!

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

I'm in love with this stuff! It's a cross between a normal dry powder and a liquid foundation. Applies easily and hides everything from dark spots to blemishes! If you don't get this you're crazy!

Jun 3, 2012


Location: Undisclosed

This powder comes in a box and is quite easy to carry . It wont clog pores and is oil free , It covers very well without the face looking cakey, All of the above it helps reduce shine from the face and this product is perfect for oily skin

May 23, 2012


Location: New York

Love Hello flawless!"(Nutmeg) custom powder cover-up with SPF 15 (A+):)silky powder+Natural. The case is quite easy to carry around. I take everywhere with me.

May 19, 2012

nice, but i wouldn't rave about it....

Location: Australia, WA

i am a huge fan of powder foundation because i like the light and flawless finish it gives. I thought id deviate from my oiginal foundation and go for this product as it was recomended to me by a makeup artist. when i tried it i was quite disapointed with it. dont get me wrong, the powder itself is lovely and has great coverage however, the brush and sponge that comes with it for application are HOPELESS. the sponge is too small and the brush is terrible! when i used the brush i found that it flicked the power everywhere, when i managed to get it on my face i would have it all over my sink and hands. the brush really does no justice for the powder itself, i reccomend you use a proper foundation brush for this product.

May 15, 2012

This product works like a charm.

Location: Portland, OR, USA

I received this product as a sample and I must say it works beautifully. I think I like it even more than my Bare Minerals. Kudos to benefit for making another product I can't live without. Benefit is slowly but surely replacing all of the other brands in my makeup bag. :)

May 9, 2012

The best & easiest to apply powder

Location: Houston, Texas

I've always shied away from using pressed powder, as it settles into my pores and makes them even more noticeable. Unfortunately, some situations require a light setting with powder, so I'd grin & bear it. That is, until I was offered Hello Flawless! The powder creates such a fine dusting that fills up on my large powder brush easily, which I love. I don't feel like I'm just sitting there with a compact, dusting back and forth to load up my brush with even a minuscule amount. This powder does everything I ask of it. If I use it to set something else, it doesn't move. If I use it to blend a little bit of my overzealous blushing, it provides just the right amount of blending. If I need to even out a little bit of discoloration, I get a flawless finish. The powder never feels heavy, clumpy, or settles in pores or lines. It's also worth noting--the applicators provided with this product (sponge & small brush) are great for beginners or those without a full makeup brush set, too. This powder is, hands down, my favourite powder currently available on the market.

May 9, 2012

Good, but too expensive.

Location: Northern Ireland

I absolutely love this product, I need full coverage (which this product has) which I can get using the sponge, though on days where I'm not going anywhere I just use the brush to sweep it on for a more subtle look. The colours are good, however I'm so pale that I need to wear fake tan to match my face, so an even lighter shade would be great! Now for the bad part... this powder is overly espensive - before you know it your scraping at the edges trying to get the last of it when you've only had it a few weeks! I don't buy it anymore and instead use another brand but if I had the money I would still buy it.

May 1, 2012

This might be miraculous

Location: California

At this very moment, I have a really horrible cold. Just the worst! The kind of cold where your nose looks precisely like a bulbous tomato, and tissues feel like sandpaper. BUT, I applied a little Hello, Flawless! in the bathroom here at the university, and no one could tell my nose was red! I look better, which makes me feel better too!

Apr 23, 2012

I absolutely love this product. Coverage is amazing.......

Location: Milwaukee, WI

I absolutely love this product. Coverage is amazing....almost looks like you have an airbrush finish. My 13 year old just started wearing make-up and we took her to the benefit counter for some lessons and products. She is using this product as well. Easy to use and leaves skin looking beautiful.

Apr 20, 2012

This was my first Benefit foundation. I wanted a powder...

Location: West Covina, CA

This was my first Benefit foundation. I wanted a powder foundation I could easily use on the go that wouldn't oxidize on my skin like others I've tried. This is amazing! The powder is so smooth and silky and gives great coverage without looking chaulky. I love that it's so easy to blend into the skin. It's definitely one of the items always in my bag.

Apr 20, 2012


Location: South Texas

I had been looking for a good powder for such a long time. SPF is so important for me because I live in a very sunny place. But whats more is I needed something that could not be so packed on my face and still cover up my red cheeks. This did it! I have been using it for two years now, and am not turning back. I do think the pack is a bit tacky but thats just because i prefer simple things. despite that, this is the perfect powder for my face.

Apr 13, 2012

A Staple in my bag.

Location: West Covina, CA, USA

This was my first Benefit foundation. I wanted a powder foundation I could easily use on the go that wouldn't oxidize on my skin like others I've tried. This is amazing! The powder is so smooth and silky and gives great coverage without looking chaulky. I love that it's so easy to blend into the skin. It's definitely one of the items always in my bag.

Apr 11, 2012

Really good but a few bad points

Location: Leicester, UK

I love the product but doesn't last long and crumbles easy but it provides great coverage

Apr 9, 2012

Totally converted from liquid to powder! LOVE IT!! I...

Location: Lewisburg, PA

Totally converted from liquid to powder! LOVE IT!! I always wore liquid makeup, but ended up looking cakey after a day of wear. After a recent trip to ULTA, it was suggested I try this product. I will NEVER go back to liquid! I look natural and it lasts all day! I am in LOVE!

Apr 7, 2012

Hello Perfection

Location: Undisclosed

This foundation is amazing. I have really dry sensitive skin and I have tried MANY brand name foundations (powder and liquid) and nothing comes close to this. I use tinted moisturizer, then apply this with a brush, and finish it off with the Re-hydrating Mist. It leaves my skin feeling silky and looking flawless!

Apr 5, 2012

Works everytime!

Location: Scotland, UK

I swear by this product, the brush makes application easy for those days when you want your make up to be light and natural. The sponge also assists when you have a blemish of just a little rough providing more coverage for the same result. I use it over a light foundation and my make up stays put all day!

Mar 26, 2012


Location: UK

This product is amazing! I use it everyday & it's just soooo good! I love it! It makes my skin look flawless & also it doesn't cake or make me look like barbie' :D I'm so happy about this product & would DEFINITELY keep buying it' :D

Mar 26, 2012

this product doesnt work for me

Location: Indonesia

i used this product once and what it does is just a small coverage. i was thinking on bigger coverage coz this item considered as pretty expensive item. it doesnt clog your pores thou. but it is not good enough.

Mar 24, 2012

Lovely powder

Location: Manchester, UK

I've re purchased this powder because I really like how versatile it is - it's very buildable - you can either have it very sheer with the brush or quite matte with the sponge. Also, its got SPF which is just a bonus! I also like how its very compact - you get a sponge and brush in the little holder below the powder which i think is great as you can just throw it in your bag and go. However, its not quite got 5 stars from me because for the price, you dont get an awful lot of the product. I go through this in about two months which I think is pretty fast considering how expensive it is.

Mar 23, 2012

severe allergic reaction

Location: Undisclosed

My eyes, mouth, and face swelled up when I used this product. Recommend avoiding this product if you have allergies.

Mar 17, 2012

Great for touch ups all day long

Location: SF, CA

I purchased this item to use for touch ups & it works very well. I use the sponge to apply as the brush doesn't give me enough coverage and tends to waste much of the powder. Works best for me if layered over existing liquid foundation. The shades work well together --I use Champagne for both & they blend perfectly.

Mar 15, 2012

great for certain needs

Location: South Portland, ME, USA

The coverage is almost non-existent but it does help shine. Works best if you use the brush all over and then go over problem areas with the sponge. Also good brushed over playsticks.

Mar 13, 2012

Looks fab

Location: Scotland

Just received this product today and already love it! I bought the honey one as I'm quite sallow skinned and its perfect, looks flawless like it says. Didn't give it 5 stars as you don't get much considering the price.

Mar 2, 2012

This really does give a flawless finish! Especially if...

Location: Seattle, WA

This really does give a flawless finish! Especially if you're looking for that matte look. But for the price I wouldn't say you get a whole lot of quantity for what you pay. I hit pan within a couple weeks. Downside? Since it's so light using a brush for application just really wastes a lot of the product.

Feb 29, 2012

Very Nice, Does not last long

Location: Yorkshire

I really like this powder and I especially like that it has SPF in. I think it blends well and I really like the applicators which are provided. The reason why it is not getting 5 stars is because it does not last long enough.

Feb 24, 2012


Location: Tucson, AZ

I love Hello Flwaless Foundation Powder. It works well by itself, or used over Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. I always use it with a little Primed and Poreless. It leaves my face feeling smooth, silky and flawless.

Feb 20, 2012


Location: Mililani, HI, USA

i always thought that foundation was fake looking and stuff so i never used it before but when i got this one i can wear it anywhere and when i ask people if they can tell im wearing foundation they say no. so i love it ;D

Feb 20, 2012

I think it is simply amazing! It evens out my skin tone...

Location: Plymouth, England

I think it is simply amazing! It evens out my skin tone and hides the redness. I can notice the difference right away. Love it! :-D

Feb 15, 2012

Finally found what I've been looking for!

Location: Undisclosed

I debated for quite some time about buying this, but I'm SO glad I did! I have never really worn foundation before, just tinted moisturizers. I wanted more coverage, but didn't want a heavy, cake-y, or oily foundation that screamed to the world, "LOOK I'm wearing makeup!" Hello Flawless is perfect! Totally and naturally perfects my skin, while not looking or feeling heavy/obvious. I think my favorite thing is how soft it makes my skin feel. Definitely recommend this product!

Feb 13, 2012

natural finish

Location: Venice, Italy

I use the light color in pink (not yellow) shade:once it was "Shell", now I use "I love me". It look very natural and the coverage is not heavy. This is good but, in some case, you-know-what- it would be better if the coverage were a bit wild! You can use it with the sponge for a more strong effect (and also try to wet the sponge with few water for and extra cover effect! ) or with the brush for a light effect. It lasts longer in all situations! coverage: 4/5 matt effect: 5/5 lasting: 5/5 smell: soft skin after use: a bit dried

Feb 3, 2012

I rate hello flawless perfect 5 stars!! This is a great...

Location: Southern California

I rate hello flawless perfect 5 stars!! This is a great product. I love how you can use it for light coverage with brush, or you can use sponge for more coverage. Sometimes I use both! I use HONEY and this color is awesome for my skintone:-)

Feb 2, 2012

Worth It!

Location: Boston, MA, USA

I went back and forth a million times over whether to buy this because of the price, but I'm really glad I did. It's the perfect texture and can be layered well for different amounts of coverage. I use this over stay don't stray and erase paste, and together they work wonders.

Dec 24, 2011

This powder is not suitable for dry skin. It will make...

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

This powder is not suitable for dry skin. It will make your skin dryer. I bought 'champagne' as it was far to yellow toned. I wish there was more shade variety.

Dec 22, 2011

Great coverage!

Location: illinios

This is the best foundation I have ever used. The coverage is amazing . I am 44 years old with a very uneven skin tone..I use a powder puff all over and then a concealer brush to cover dark areas. I have bought hello flawless for close friends. because it's pricey,I know they wouldn't take the chance of buying it and not liking it. I didn't want them to miss out on such a great makeup. They all love it! The one problem is the packaging. It is almost impossible to open. it gets stuck and you have to pry it open so I don't close it. please change the packaging !

Dec 20, 2011

The Best I've ever used!

Location: chicago IL

Saw someone on TV using this product & decided to try it. I've probably tried everything else on the market. Absolutely loved it right from the start. Was looking for some coverage but easy to use. GOT IT! Lovely texture, doesn't go into lines at all, can use around my eyes with no problem. I use a different brush to put it on. Loved that I only had to use one product to cover instead of several. Only wish I had found this a long time ago.

Dec 5, 2011

Best powder I've used so far!

Location: Sydney

I've probably tried about 80% of all the powder out there, from cheap to highly expensive ones and I've got to say, this powder is the only thing I've bought for the 2nd time. I have combination skin and this one really lasts on my skin, it doesnt make me break out. Nicely compact case. Absolutely love it! <3

Dec 5, 2011

Hello, my new favorite powder foundation!

Location: San Francisco

I'm a recent convert after having used a certain competitor's powder mineral foundation for years. I find that Hello Flawless has more golden tones that suit my skin better, provides a natural looking matte finish, and I like that I can use a brush for sheer coverage or the sponge on those bad skin days... Plus, I love how Hello Flawless makes my skin feel super silky too!

Nov 19, 2011

I absolutely love how this appears so natural on my skin....

Location: Hollywood, FL

I absolutely love how this appears so natural on my skin. It's not heavy at all and goes on flawlessly. I use it every single day :)

Nov 18, 2011

Just bought it & I love it! Gives me great coverage...

Location: Worcester, Ma

Just bought it & I love it! Gives me great coverage without being too heavy or cakey.

Nov 15, 2011

Feels light!

Location: Undisclosed

This powder does it all for me -- I have fair skin and it's not too dark (I Love Me-Ivory), it gives coverage without looking cakey, and it doesn't feel heavy -- my skin can still "breathe." At the suggestion of the Benefit salesperson, I tried the Benefit Foundation Brush and absolutely loved it. I used it every day and it lasted me for 6 months, just got another one. Very satisfied!!

Nov 8, 2011

Very Natural, amazing coverage!

Location: CA

Best face powder i have ever tried, stays on my face for long hours, especially when primed with you rebel moisturizing tint first. Amazing coverage for blemishes!i would never use any other face powder.

Oct 31, 2011

Love Love Love this product

Location: Bringelly NSW 2556, Australia

Have to say, its a great one all! I have congested, red prone skin with large pores and I find this item take care of it all in one swoop. Great for when its hot and I dont want to wear a liquid foundation but want the same coverage. I always buy double of this product and keep one as a spare just in case. Perfect to keep in your hand bag.

Oct 30, 2011

Works great!

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia

I so love this product! It hides all blemishes and even scars! just be careful to get the correct shade that matches your skin tone.

Oct 10, 2011

Great coverage and shade, too matte for everyday

Location: California, USA

I love using this product, its super light on the skin but had good coverage and the shade selection was perfect for me. I've got honey tan skin with an olive base which is often hard to match as its not real common but i found my perfect shade very quickly (on the first try no less) and was very pleased by how many there were to choose from. my only complaint is that it is too matte and doesn't have enough life to it on its own (i find myself using lots of products with this to make it more lifelike)

Sep 28, 2011


Location: Cresco, PA

I have sensitive, oily, break out prone skin. This foundation does not irritate my skin and does not cause any break outs like so many others I have tried! It also provides superb coverage and really does last all day! Plus, it's feather light and I often forget I have anything on my skin at all. I finally have an amazing product that works for me!

Sep 26, 2011

Natural beauty!

Location: San Antonio, TX.

This foundation is the BEST on the planet...trust me im NOT exaggerating!!!! Its soooooo flawless like the title. It gives you a beautifully natural look. Ive traded my past favorite foundations for this one cause this is the BEST!!! I also love the packaging...its just soooo PERFECT!!!! :D

Sep 26, 2011

AMAZING foundation!! Its the BEST on the market!!! Give...

Location: San Antonio, TX.

AMAZING foundation!! Its the BEST on the market!!! Give you a natural and flawless look! Its my favorite and I cant get enough of it! :D

Sep 24, 2011

love it !

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia

Hello flawless is absolutely amazing ! it has a perfect flawless coverage and hides all my blemishes.. its great for oily prone skin

Sep 23, 2011


Location: Brooklyn, NY

In the summer time my skin becomes very oily and this is my perfect foundation. I will use the sponge to get the full coverage I need and use a concealer brush to cover any spots or flaws. One product does it all and my skin look flawless. When the weather gets cooler I like to use the brush and use this as a setting powder over You Rebel. This powder will never look dry or cakey it is AMAZING!

Sep 21, 2011

Love this

Location: DC

I really love this blush/bronzer- it makes you look bronzed and tan in any season.

Sep 19, 2011

Adore <3

Location: Westmidlands

Just started using this and can't believe Ive been living without it!! perfect to finish off my (playstick- jumprope) foundation. Love you benefit xx

Sep 9, 2011

lov "hello flawless" l lov it covers and the fact its got...

Location: Australia

lov "hello flawless" l lov it covers and the fact its got spf, its great

Sep 7, 2011


Location: Chicago, IL, USA

I bought this product in "all the worlds my stage" and it matches my skin perfectly! All of the other foundations I've tried either (a). Don't match my skin tone, or (b). are way to cakey! This was perfect! Its so natural and doesn't look like your wearing makeup at all. And it really is flawless coverage! I would also recommend using this product with "that gal" face primer. It makes the foundation look even better than it already does. Definitely worth the price. Definitely recommend this product. Definitly purchasing more products from Benefit. BENEFIT = AMAZING :)

Sep 2, 2011

great to use with both sponge and brush. love it!!

Location: Undisclosed

great to use with both sponge and brush. love it!!

Aug 31, 2011

I bought "hello flawless" in" I'm as cute as bunny" Honey...

Location: El Paso, Texas

I bought "hello flawless" in" I'm as cute as bunny" Honey & I love love love it :] the color matches perfectly & blends great . I'm more of a full coverage girl , so the sponge is great :] Thanks for making this product.

Aug 29, 2011

I bought my HF in "me, vain?" several weeks ago and have...

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I bought my HF in "me, vain?" several weeks ago and have nothing negative to say about it. It's just so complete and super high quality powder foundation. It claims to be a versatile product that either you can sweep on a light coverage, just to even out your skin tone, or you can reach a heavier coverage hiding any imperfections. Yes, HF lives up to it. AND it leaves your skin matte and even for hours and hours... This one is flawless indeed.

Aug 22, 2011

A perfect 10! The brush gives great sheer coverage and...

Location: Malaysia

A perfect 10! The brush gives great sheer coverage and the sponge gives smooth foundation like perfection. I NEVER leave home without it!!

Aug 5, 2011


Location: Singapore

I have tried many pressed powder foundations and this is by far the best one. My problem is most pressed powder foundations cake up, this one doesn't cake at all! even after 8 hours of wear. I use this to settle my youRebel tint moisturizer.

Aug 3, 2011

This is the BEST foundation that I have EVER used!

Location: Heidelberg, Germany

Love this foundation. It covers everything that needs to be covered and doesnt leave you looking caked up. Perfect match for my skin! Love it!

Jul 22, 2011

I don't know how I went so many years without this...

Location: Southern California

I don't know how I went so many years without this foundation! It's the only foundation I've used that doesn't get cakey after a long, sweaty day in the dirt with my horses, nor does it make me break out! <3 <3 <3

Jul 22, 2011

Fantastic product none greasy; why did i not find this...

Location: Telford, UK

Fantastic product none greasy; why did i not find this product sooner love benefit cosmetics xxxx

Jul 21, 2011

The best powder, ever! And believe me, I've used them all!

Location: Fort Worth

The best powder, ever! And believe me, I've used them all!

Jul 12, 2011

The perfect powder

Location: South Africa

This is the best powder i'v ever had, its the only thing I use and it covers beautifully when using the sponge. Although you have to use a good moisturizer before you apply it, and when you done just brush the excess powder off with the provided brush and voila.. absolutely flawless and weightless perfect skin. Really expensive for the amount you get, if used as a primary cover with the sponge wont last long.

Jul 3, 2011

Wasn't sure at first.... but wow!

Location: The UK

Okay, well I've owned very few foundations and am really conscious about it looking orange or cakey - I've always wanted a natural yet effective look. So I read the reviews about "Hello Flawless" and decided that this would probably be my best bet. When I first got it I wasn't really sure what I thought of it. I didn't know how best to apply it (due to my inexperience with foundation), but after a few attempts of experimenting, I love it! I have to say, I find it looks much smoother and more flawless when I moisturise my skin first, as opposed to just applying it onto bare skin - it helps for a more even, smooth coverage. I've also found that it really helps to apply concealer to "bad places" (under the eyes, nose (well, in my case), spots, etc.) and then brush over the powder to make your skin truly FLAWLESS. After just a couple of brushes, redness is greatly reduced and imperfections are concealed. I'm not sure about the brush it comes with though. I have a set of Benefit brushes purchased separately, and I've found these to be more effective for application! Overall, great product, whether you want a light, or a fuller coverage. For me, experimenting helped me to find the best application for me. It's depressing taking it off - reminds you that your skin isn't actually that good! :)

Jun 28, 2011

always in my purse

Location: san francisco

this is one of my top 10 benefit products! i take it with me everywhere, i love the coverage, and it goes well over dr. feelgood, erase paste, and some kind-a gorgeous. hello flawless is an everyday product.

Jun 20, 2011

Best EVER!!!!

Location: San Antonio, TX

This is the best coverup I have EVER used. It is light and goes on smooth. The texture looks wonderful on the face.

Jun 10, 2011

i break out very easily and this dosent make me. it...

Location: Mi

i break out very easily and this dosent make me. it covers as much as you need since its is buildable .

Jun 3, 2011

Lovely coverage and staying on the skin. Love it more...

Location: Undisclosed

Lovely coverage and staying on the skin. Love it more with SPF.

Jun 2, 2011

I got this in 'I'm cute as a bunny - natural honey' and...

Location: Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

I got this in 'I'm cute as a bunny - natural honey' and it looks really good on my skin. I have to combine it with concealer and apply it with the sponge in order to get enough coverage (my skin has a lot of red) but it looks really natural and feels a lot better than when I'm wearing liquid foundation. I love the lightness of it.

May 24, 2011

Flawless indeed!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

I love this foundation! When I don't want a heavier coverage I sweep on a little Hello Flawless. It evens out my skin and you can still see my freckles through the powder! Being very fair skinned, I love that it has a SPF in it :)

May 20, 2011

I can't believe it took me so long to find this... the...

Location: Jersey, Channel Islands

I can't believe it took me so long to find this... the best foundation, leaves ur face truly flawless... even covers up the 'panda eyes' from wearing big sunglasses on a sunny day!

May 2, 2011

It really is flawless

Location: Chicago

This is one of those products where once you start using it, you're loyal to it forever. My mom and my two sisters use it as well! I have always been skeptic of powder foundations because they tend to make my skin feel dry and look/feel cakey. With hello flawless, the product really DOES hide my imperfections, even out my skin tone, and leave my skin feeling natural!

Apr 15, 2011

This can be worn as a foundation or on top of another...

Location: Owosso MI

This can be worn as a foundation or on top of another foundation and it looks so beautiful (not powdery like most). The coverage can be adjusted to what you need and it comes with 2 applicators. use the sponge where you would like a little more coverage and the brush where you need a little powder to set your look. love the compact for touch ups and the spf is a must have. I wish there were refills we could buy at a cheaper price and continue to use the compact we have (good for the environment and our budget).

Apr 8, 2011

I don't usually wear foundation but i wanted a light to...

Location: Sheffield, England

I don't usually wear foundation but i wanted a light to medium coverage due to my skin looking less than perfect and the girl pn the benefits counter made me over with this and i fell in love i don't feel like i have a face full of make up and my skin looks amazing!

Apr 8, 2011

finally a powder that doesn't give me that heavy makeup...

Location: Undisclosed

finally a powder that doesn't give me that heavy makeup look on my jaw line.

Mar 30, 2011

flexible foundation? who knew

Location: SLC, UT

In addition to some kind-a gorgeous and erase paste I use "Hello Flawless!" to even out my complexion. There are always some days where I need a little more coverage then I did the day before and Benefit knows that! This product can give you sheer coverage if you use the included brush or it can give you buildable coverage when you use the included sponge.

Mar 24, 2011

Not good for the price

Location: Undisclosed

i don't like it as a foundation because of the coverage but i would use it as a bronzer in a dark color i wouldn't recommend to a friend because of the price

Mar 24, 2011

Complexion Perfection!

Location: Denver, CO

I am the type of girl who likes to keep it simple. I hate wearing heavy makeup, and I hate putting on makeup that takes more than a few minutes to look perfect for the day. I have been searching for months for a foundation type powder to help even out my skin tone, but I could not find anything that didn't settle into every little line, or doesnt look cakey due to my dry skin. I decided to have a color match done at the benefit counter and it felt like silk on my skin! I bought it on the spot, and not only does it only take maybe 2 minutes to apply each day, you can't even tell I have anything on! It can't get better than that. And that's coming from a very picky makeup girl. Yes it seems pricey, but very little goes a long way, and it does exactly what it does --makes your skin flawless, so it's worth it!

Mar 11, 2011

Didn't think I would like it... but now I LOVE it.

Location: NY

I bought this on a whim before going on vacation. I really liked my old brand of foundation, but it took forever to apply right (lots of blending and double-checking required) and wanted something quicker. At first the Hello Flawless felt weird - I'm used to a creamy foundation and this is a powder. But, after discovering I just needed to use more moisturizer when using this product, now can't go back to my old foundation. The Hello Flawless is super quick and easy (it's probably taken 10 min off my morning routine), doesn't make my oily, sensitive skin break out, lasts all day, and doesn't look like I'm wearing tons of makeup (my husband couldn't even really tell). Overall, a great find. I'm glad I took the chance!

Mar 8, 2011

can't-live-without ;)

Location: Kuala Lumpur, MAL

Just a sweep it hid flaws on my skin right away, for that i will knight you as goddess of compact powder. And oh, it didn't leave my skin oily after long wear and thats the x-factor!

Mar 8, 2011

It really is flawless. Color blends well and look very...

Location: Undisclosed

It really is flawless. Color blends well and look very natural.

Mar 4, 2011

The most amazing powder foundation I have ever used!...

Location: Gloucester, UK

The most amazing powder foundation I have ever used! Takes 5mins to apply in a morning and stays put all day whilest giving flawless coverage! I recommended it to a friend and now she cant stop using it either.

Feb 21, 2011


Location: Malaysia

I bought this after hearing all good things about it and I never looked back! I'm so amazed by how a little sweep does to my face. It instantly feels smooth! I use it using the brush given, just sweep for couple of times with boi-ing underneath and it gives flawless effect. Skin also feels really smooth and oil free!

Jan 27, 2011

This product is amazing

Location: singapore

Im more of a liquid foundation person since most regular foundation gives me the "cakey" look and im wearing foundation look which i loathe. Decided to try this because of the rave review. I am very impressed with this. It does not give me the cakey look like regular foundation, instead, it is nearly perfect as comparable with the liquid foundation im using. i definitely want to buy this again

Jan 22, 2011

truly flawless

Location: orange county, ca

this product literally gives me flawless skin. I prime with a mixture of that gal and porefessional and on light days I go straight to the powder which evens out my skin tone and I can spot conceal some areas where my skin is congested or broken out. On days where I am going out I use the powder to set the PlaySticks foundation. I get loads of complements when I use this powder. I love that this powder feels light but covers. It does not get cakey for me because you dont need to apply much to begin with. It also does not add to any monthly break outs which is a major plus. It is also mattifying but not drying. Lets just say I won't live with out it! Thanks Benefit

Jan 21, 2011

I LOVE this foundation!! The coverage is customizable and...

Location: Undisclosed

I LOVE this foundation!! The coverage is customizable and it's impossible to tell you're wearing it! I have fair skin and have it in Never Settle Petal. I bought a second one, but the first is still not gone!! This stuff lasts a really long time!

Jan 19, 2011

GREAT Coverage!

Location: Woodside, NY

Hello Flawless is one of my favorites & a must have! Great coverage & light on your skin. It surely leaves me looking flawless! You wont regret buying this!

Jan 7, 2011

Life changing!!!

Location: Los Angeles , CA

I used to be a religious user of a certain very popular mineral make-up brand but once i tried Helloflawless it was love at first sight. Helloflawless is the perfect powder. First off, the coverage is AMAZING!! i dont need to wear any foundation this covers all bases. And even though the coverage is great it doesn't look like im wearing a ton of makeup, it feels light as air. HF also matches my skin tone perfectly , it like melts into my skin. I could go on and on about this powder seriously for days. Ive gotten all my friends turned onto Helloflawless so now we all look flawless all the time :)

Jan 5, 2011

makes skin looking flawless

Location: Rockville. MD

Product makes skin flawless without looking like you are wearing a lot of make-up.

Dec 31, 2010

really flawless!

Location: East Coast

I bought this product after having read several reviews and I have to say it lives up to its promises. I can't believe how some strokes of powder turn my face (slightly oily, blemishes) into a flawless visage. And it lasts the whole day! For major blemishes I use the boing concealer in combination with this powder. Would definitely buy it again! The only thing I have to criticize is the packaging, if you use a brush the loose powder spills over and it gets slightly messy (plus you lose some of this precious product).

Dec 30, 2010

Great blending

Location: Undisclosed

I never seemed to have the right color for powder, this always blends in well, and it comes with a brush AND sponge, so you can control the amount of coverage you want.

Dec 26, 2010

Not for me

Location: CA

I've tried two shades of this product, but still haven't fallen in love with it. When I apply it on my skin it seems blotchy, not covering evenly at all. I have acne, so I don't want to draw extra attention to certain overly covered areas of my face. The first shade I tried was too dark, and now, switching to the lightest shade helped, but I still am not satisfied with the coverage. Even if I try to apply it thicker to hide flaws it doesn't seem to work, it just looks heavy.

Dec 17, 2010

Love it!

Location: Denver

Other coverups have always felt kind of heavy for me, and just made me break out more. This product is nothing like any cover up I have ever tried. Its light and soft on my face and the coverage is great. You can not even tell I have make up on.

Dec 6, 2010

even skin for a long time

Location: Geneva, Switzerland, Europe

Perfect powder for oily skin ! Applied with a brush over foundation, this lightweight powder keeps my skin matte for several hours, does not accumulate in fine lines and keeps foundation in place. This is very rare, usually products get shiny after a short time! Colour stays unified, despite my skin being oily in the T-zone. One little reserve without much consequence: it becomes a little "thick" when you apply it with the sponge.

Dec 3, 2010

It has great coverage

Location: Portugal

Really recommend this product. It has great coverage and it is a great finishing powder, it blends really well and doesnt look like you have any powder on your face. And now there are enough colors to match every skintone. It is also very light. I have oily skin and it doesnt feel cakey at all.

Dec 2, 2010

Great, if you don't have dry skin

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Got the Hello Flawless to set my Some-Kind-of-Gorgeous, and also to use on it's own. This stuff has great coverage and leaves your skin feeling nice and soft. Unfortunately, if you have dry skin it sticks to those areas and make the dry skin incredibly noticeable. Also, it looks chalky if you use the sponge and put too much on. I recommend using this with a moisturizer and primer underneath and to use a powder brush that is fluffier than the one included. This helps the powder from looking caked on and from highlighting any dry patches! Don't think I would but this again.

Nov 30, 2010


Location: Elk Grove, CA

I absolutely love this product. I have acne prone and oily skin but this powder foundation is just so amazing. It goes on beautifully and doesn't clog my pores. The best thing about it is that it truly does make your skin look flawless. I have some acne scars and even if I have a few pimples it totally covers them up and my skin looks amazing. I use very minimal coverage as to not look cakey and my boyfriend can't even tell when I have it on it looks so natural.

Nov 29, 2010


Location: Undisclosed

This powder is my favorite of all time. It's silky and does not leave a powdery looking finish. It also can cover blemishes and controls my oil. I really do feel like my face is flawless when i wear it. i recommend it to everyone

Nov 25, 2010

Great Coverage

Location: Arizona

"Hello Flawless!" offers great coverage! Even though it's just a powder, I have better coverage with it than liquid foundation. The sponge that comes with the powder foundation allows a smooth and great coverage look!!! This product works great on bare skin or on top of liquid foundation. I get great coverage just wearing it daily without other make-up! Definitely a winner!

Nov 25, 2010

Love...Love...Love It!

Location: California

The" Hello Flawless!" works wonders. I recently decided to give Benefit cosmetics a try and I couldn't be more satisfied. This product is light weight and covers well! The fact that it has SPF is also a plus. I am using this product along with the Benefit foundation Play Stick and the duo works wonders. Lately, I have been receiving a lot of compliments on my skin which makes me feel great. I recommend this FUN product to everyone! It truly will Benefit your skin. Love, Annette XOXO

Nov 25, 2010

Hello Flawless and Goodbye Oily Face


I use this product over the "Some-kind-of-Gorgeous" and apply with a loose blush brush. I don't need much to cover and it gives me a very matte look, which I love! I also combine this with Coralista blush! If I'm on the go and just want a quick cover up, I can use alone!

Nov 24, 2010

Amazine product for all ocassions

Location: oceanside, Ca

This product is amazing flawless and light. You look absolutely flawless. It is very soft to the touch and light weight. It is easy to throw in a gym bag, purse etc..... the quality is awesome. Its small but minimal amounts of product go a long way. Wears like a Mac studio fix without all the chemicals and heavyness.

Nov 23, 2010

It's really flawless!

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

I was looking for a perfect and natural powder cover up for so long and finally I found it! When I received my first reaction was: Oh, is so light for my skin color, I never will use this! Then I tryed on my face! Simply perfect! The coverage, texture and appearence! I can't live without my Hello Flawless never settle anymore!

Nov 22, 2010

Worth it's weight in gold.

Location: Livonia, MI

This powder foundation is simply amazing. I am a huge fan of benefit and this product is one of the reasons why. It goes on so smooth and silky with a perfect finish. I love the satiny texture. The coverage is not too light and not too heavy. You can use a big brush for lighter coverage or a sponge for heavier coverage. Overall, it is just great.

Nov 22, 2010

best foundation

Location: Fairfield, CA

i never used to wear foundation until i tried this and now i wont wear anything else! i love using the brush all over my face for sheer coverage and the sponge for under my eyes. overall, the #1 item in my beauty regimine

Nov 22, 2010

This product has such great coverage!

Location: Undisclosed

I have always struggled with finding a powder that would offer great coverage without that "cakey" look and feel and I found it! I really like that if I dont want to put foundation on and primer and do the whole makeup routine that I can just use a sponge and the brush provided and get a flawless look. I have and will continue to use this proct! give it a try!

Nov 19, 2010


Location: Chicago, IL

So I have been suffeing from acne during the time of the month and from acne scars that are densely centered around my left cheek. I use a layer of foundation and some concelaer mainly on that left cheek to cover up that area, and it looked very unnatural and cakey. But after I started using hello, flawless with erase paste and that gal, I get absolute coverage and radiant and flawless look. I absolutely love it! Everybody should try it! With hello, flawless, you will never experience your makeup not being smoothly applied. Highly recommended!

Nov 18, 2010

best powder i've found

Location: Columbus, OH

This powder is exactly what it says it is. Even with a sheer application, all those flaws disappear! I also love that it includes a brush not a sponge! And now there are tons of colors to choose from, it really is the best powder. Also, if applied with a concealer brush you get tons of coverage!

Nov 18, 2010


Location: New York, NY

I can't stress enough how much I love this product. It's flawless! Yes, I made THAT joke. So I have four of these on any given day; one in my car, vanity, office and on my person 24/7. I highly, highly recommend it for the girl that is up at dawn and alseep shortly before. Lightweight and comprehensive coverage. I prefer application with the sponge to ensure a really consistant color all over. Also can I add that my skin has cleared up remarkably since I started using this!

Nov 18, 2010

completely flawless!!!

Location: Undisclosed

An amazing product that does not only do its job but is handy and compact too!!!

Nov 18, 2010

Life-saver for me

Location: Hong Kong

Hello Flawless powder is my Holy Grail powder foundation. Coverage is great and is buildable, for covering undereye circles, you use the sponge to dab, to even out overall complexion/redness, you use the brush to sweep, and voila! My face is GLOWING. Oil control ability is pretty good too, staying power is great and doesn't slide off during the day even if I have oily skin!

Nov 17, 2010

Best Powder Foundation Ever!

Location: Sacramento, CA

I have used quite a few foundations and this so far is the best, amazing coverage and it illuminates. I can count on this foundation everytime.

Nov 17, 2010

Best Powder Ever

Location: Alpharetta, GA

This powder is amazing. I have oily skin but the powder never cakes and I can use it with a brush or the sponge. I can even use it without foundation and still look great for an 8 hour day at work.

Nov 16, 2010

This product is absolutely amazing!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

I love Hello Flawless. The title says it all. It gives the appearance of absolutely flawless skin, covers blemishes well but at the same time isn't too heavy or look cakey. It also doesn't make you break out and has SPF in it so when I wear that gal and hello flawless I don't bother to put sunblock on my face and I've yet to get burned. I wouldn't go a day without this product.

Nov 16, 2010

Natural powder flawlessness I can take anywhere

Location: Undisclosed

Because my skin's so oily, I only wear powders -- but hated how powders (including minerals) never seemed to give me the amount of coverage I wanted on my uneven skin tone, and then emphasized my lines and pores. Hello Flawless is amazing, though! A couple sweeps over my face and the redness practically disappears, while making my skin look so much smoother. After a week or so I switched to a kabuki brush, but found that used up a lot more product with only a tiny bit more coverage. I'm back to using the dinky brush the compact comes with, but it's totally enough to do the trick!

Nov 16, 2010

Natural powder flawlessness I can take anywhere

Location: Undisclosed

Because my skin's so oily, I only wear powders -- but hated how powders (including minerals) never seemed to give me the amount of coverage I wanted on my uneven skin tone, and then emphasized my lines and pores. Hello Flawless is amazing, though! A couple sweeps over my face and the redness practically disappears, while making my skin look so much smoother. After a week or so I switched to a kabuki brush, but found that used up a lot more product with only a tiny bit more coverage. I'm back to using the dinky brush the compact comes with, but it's totally enough to do the trick!

Nov 16, 2010

Love it!

Location: Modesto, CA

This powder is awesome. It can be worn over your foundation for complete coverage, or over bare skin for just the right amount of light coverage. I use it with Benefit's powder brush. Love it!

Nov 16, 2010

Love it!

Location: Modesto, CA

This powder is awesome. It can be worn over your foundation for complete coverage, or over bare skin for just the right amount of light coverage. I use it with Benefit's powder brush. Love it!

Nov 16, 2010

love love LOVE

Location: Tucson, AZ

use it everyday and will forever!! has the same coverage of icky liquid foundation without all the heaviness, if you haven't tried this product you better get going girl!!!

Nov 16, 2010

Love this item

Location: Austin, TX

You can use it as a base or as podwer. It's sthe first time that I can find a color that really matches my skin tone!!

Nov 16, 2010

Love this item

Location: Austin, TX

You can use it as a base or as podwer. It's sthe first time that I can find a color that really matches my skin tone!!

Nov 16, 2010

SPF is good, but not enough coverage for me

Location: Cleveland, OH

Didn't get great coverage with this, but never got the hang of applying it with the wet sponge either. I went back to my favorite... Benefit Play Sticks!

Nov 16, 2010

conceals well, yet pricey

Location: orange county

this powder conceals really well and doesn't clog my pores. the only set back is the price tag and it doesn't last very long and i apply with a brush.

Nov 16, 2010

Perfect (ok, flawless) coverage every time - with a very...

Location: Chicago, IL

Perfect (ok, flawless) coverage every time - with a very natural look. (No more looking like you put a ton of foundation/powder on to get even coverage.)

Nov 16, 2010


Location: Lexington, KY

This is wonderful if you need something between a powder and the full coverage of a foundation. I usually wear it over my moisturizer and it looks great.

Nov 16, 2010

Best foundation yet!

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

I love this foundation! After using this stuff for about a year, I went through a thrify phase and tried to find a grocery store equivalent. There isn't one! So I switched back. Now I know! I have oily, breakout prone skin, so I use a separate cream concealer and then brush this on as my foundation. This does work as a concealer, but I prefer to use a seperate cream. The coverage is even and fairly full - I was skeptical that this would cover my blotchy patches and the red spots around my nose, but it does! And all with a very natural finish - I've even been complimented on my great skin! But best of all, it's really simplified my morning routine and has significanly cut down on my prep time compared to when I used a liquid foundation. Please don't ever discontinue this product!

Nov 16, 2010

Smooth, fine and soft

Location: boston, ma and miami, fl

This make-up is phenomenal. I switched to Benefit after using Mac for many years and I think it is a lot better for the skin. It lasts for most of the day and I apply it really early in the morning. The color is perfect, I use petal and I have slight redness and it covers it up perfectly. The only problem I have with it is that it runs out pretty quickly. However, that aside it doesn't look cakey and its not oily at all which is perfect for my skin type. I would definitely recommend this product.

Nov 16, 2010

flawless skin

Location: medford, NJ

LOVE my flawless face. i use a highlighter on top of it because i have dry skin, and this powder gives me the look of an airbrush face...

Nov 16, 2010

The one thing I never leave home without

Location: Louisville, KY

If I could apply one thing to my face for the rest of my life, it would definitely be "Hello Flawless". I sport it anytime and anywhere because it does what it is supposed to do, makes my skin look flawless and unblemished. I never feel like it dries out my face or irritates it, even though there have been plenty of other foundations from different brands that have. I have been extremely satisfied and just plain happy to find this gem of a product.

Nov 16, 2010

This is the best product!

Location: Fullerton, California

"hello flawless" is by far my favorite benefit product. I have tried a few other benefit face products and this one works the best. it allows you to put on a foundation but get the exact amount that you want. The tow different types are brilliant and allow you to put on the exact amount you want, whether you want a lot for night or a little less for the day. It really does say what it should and I would recommend it to a friend (and have changed a few actually).

Nov 16, 2010

simply amazing!!!

Location: Illinois

I use this everyday great coverage just as good as using concealer, goes on smooth, an no caking. I have acne scarring an this is the only makeup that covers. I can not say enough good about Hello Flawless!!

Nov 16, 2010

A Powder for Girls Who Like Natural Cover

Location: Albany, NY

When I first tried this product, I was unsure because i usually love Liquid cover -- and don't go the powder route because it can look unnatural. WRONG. This stuff (get the right color though!) give you a natural look AND SPF.

Nov 16, 2010

Perfect coverage!

Location: Texas

Since I started using Hello Flawless I no longer use foundation. This gives me perfect coverage and stays in place throughout my day. It evens out my skin tone. It gives my skin an overall healthier look to it.

Nov 16, 2010

It is a very nice powder foundation!

Location: VA

I usually like a lot of coverage especially during the touch-ups throughout the day, and this does it really nicely. IT does have a good coverage and very finely milled! But just be careful because it can look a little cakey if you put with the sponge. It is the best to use the brush than the sponge. Also, it is really fragile. I broke my old one when It was in my purse..

Nov 16, 2010

Try it, you'll love it!

Location: Chicago IL

I've been a long time fan of Benefit, but I had never tried their foundation products. Because of my love for so many other Benefit goodies, I stopped at the counter at Ulta, The consultant suggested Hello Flawless. I was a bit skeptical, because I had never used a powder foundation either. One application and I was hooked! The finish is beautiful, natural and soft. I love the ease of application, and it really does layer nicely. I put this on over tinted moisturizer, sometimes I mix in a litte High Beam. It really does look flawless. Try it, you will love it.

Nov 16, 2010

Great color range

Location: Puerto Rico

This works well as a pressed powder/cover up. I have the Honey color and it works well on my lighter skin without making me look washed out.

Nov 16, 2010

The best foundation I have ever used

Location: Huntsville, Alabama

This product is great! Goes on smooth, does not clog my pores, and because I'm fair complected the spf is wonderful!

Nov 16, 2010

This is the best powder I've ever used! A must!

Location: North Carolina

This powder is amazing! It evens out your skin tone while providing soft coverage. What do I mean by soft? Your skin will look even without looking like you went to the Tammy Faye Baker school of makeup. This powder is a must in my makeup bag and I have recommended it to all my best girlfriends! xoxox

Nov 16, 2010

The only powder foundation that STAYS!

Location: State College, PA

I have tried pretty much every powder foundation on the market (seriously), and "Hello Flawless" is the ONLY one I can put on at the beginning of the day and I still see it on my face (and on my makeup remover wipes!) at the end of the day. It also gives a really nice finish, that is equal to or above that of liquid or cream foundations. Best of all (since I have a four year old) it is quick and easy to apply. Great job, Benefit!!

Nov 16, 2010

A very very nice powder

Location: Undisclosed

This is a really natural finish powder, very easy to aply, vey well texture and smell so nicel...mmm I love this product and I use it every day

Nov 16, 2010

Powda Pawa!!!

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

I have tried many many brands, many many shades, none of them seemed to work with my skin type or tone, until I found HF. "Me Vain?" is not good for me... it's perfect because it's actually my real skin tone!!! Not only that, it mattifies my shiny oily skin and lasts like so, all day long.

Nov 9, 2010

I lovee it!!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

I love the way it covers my imperfections without caking. It feels so light that I sometimes forget I have it on. I really don't like wearing make-up and I've had bad experiences with other cover ups, but this one I love! It doesn't clog my pores and it doesn't irritate my skin, it is simply perfect for my skin! =]

Sep 19, 2010

This is the best foundation I have ever used. It goes on...

Location: Manchester

This is the best foundation I have ever used. It goes on perfectly, no caking and lasts for hours... I use with That Gal and Porefessional with touch ups with Confessions of a Concealaholic... totally flawless coverage.

Sep 10, 2010

My favorite powder foundation and I have tried them all!...

Location: NYC

My favorite powder foundation and I have tried them all! Perfect for my oily skin and covers all my flaws when used with the sponge. So quick and easy. Feels lightweight and gives a natural matte finish. Unfortunately, the product gets used up rather quickly:(

Sep 1, 2010

i just bought it today and really not regret it..it's...

Location: Mississauga, Canada

i just bought it today and really not regret it..it's very good for covering complexion..love it..

Aug 27, 2010

I LOVE this, an absolute necessity every day, buildable...

Location: Houston, TX USA

I LOVE this, an absolute necessity every day, buildable coverage but not heavy! My most favorite benefit product offered! Hasn't made me break out and when I use this alone I don't get near as oily as I have with other products. This will be my secret weapon from now on (except I'm gonna tell everyone how fabulous it is!)

Aug 27, 2010

My skin in pretty troublesome and I love how hello...

Location: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, USA

My skin in pretty troublesome and I love how hello flawless covers well, never look cakey and doesn't make me break out!

Aug 21, 2010

love love love it... wish it was bigger... but stays on...

Location: Michigan

love love love it... wish it was bigger... but stays on for so long!

Aug 19, 2010

This is quite a good powder, but you run out of it...

Location: Honolulu, HI

This is quite a good powder, but you run out of it quickly if you use it daily. It's smooth, soft, matte, and has buildable coverage.

Aug 18, 2010

I adore this product! Is it a foundation? Is it a powder?...

Location: USA

I adore this product! Is it a foundation? Is it a powder? It's two in one! I wear it everyday for a smooth, light feel and a flawless look. Why just yesterday, someone told me how beautiful my skin was, I told 'em it was Hello Flawless!

Aug 17, 2010

Very useful ! It's a quick hides-everything solution for...

Location: Montreal, Canada

Very useful ! It's a quick hides-everything solution for everyday. Plus it looks natural! Use the sponge where you really need to correct, like on you cheeks for example and then the brush everywhere else.

Aug 11, 2010

So glad a friend of mine recommended this to me, she...

Location: Houston, TX USA

So glad a friend of mine recommended this to me, she suffers from acne scarring and said this is the only thing that covers. I have acne scars as well and this is perfect! It stays on all day and covers flawlessly without looking caked on. Best part is it hasnt' irritated my skin and caused any breakouts! Can't live without this now!

Jul 28, 2010

I have acne-prone skin and this product does not clog my...

Location: Vernon Hills

I have acne-prone skin and this product does not clog my pores as it conceals. A definite plus!

Jul 28, 2010

looove it! wish there was more, bigger compact would be nice

Location: Michigan

looove it! wish there was more, bigger compact would be nice

Jul 28, 2010

works not just when you need it but how you need it. plus...

Location: Manila, Philippines

works not just when you need it but how you need it. plus, an additional layer of SPF just adds to this product's awesomeness. Bought a new package even if my current one is still half full -- it's that much of a necessity!

Jul 23, 2010

I didn't think a powder foundation would set well, but it...

Location: Dallas, TX

I didn't think a powder foundation would set well, but it really does. I use it with "That Gal", and need just a little to help smooth out some discolorations. It isn't greasy, doesn't cake up. Far exceeded my expectations!

Jul 23, 2010

I love this silky powder. It made my face looks very...

Location: San Francisco

I love this silky powder. It made my face looks very smooth, and it cover my pore very well. I use it only one time in the morning, and it covers me all day long. It covers very weel, but does not look too much or caky at all. I am so happy that I bought it.

Jul 18, 2010

I love this stuff it truly does what it says!! i have...

Location: san fernando ca

I love this stuff it truly does what it says!! i have turned almost all my friends on to this product

Jul 14, 2010

does it exactly what it says and brings out your skin...

Location: Undisclosed

does it exactly what it says and brings out your skin beautifully

Jul 11, 2010

I love hello flawless! I had this on my wish list and...

Location: Sacramento, CA

I love hello flawless! I had this on my wish list and finally purchased it on my last order, I wish I would have gotten it sooner it is the best powder foundation I have ever tried! It looks natural while covering bad spots without looking caked on. I brush it on over my foundation for a great look that lasts all work day then brush on a think layer before going out in the evening to get rid of any shiny spots. The sponge is great to help conceal any blemishes. I used to have to apply my liquid foundation twice a day but no more. This is now a must have in my makeup bag!

Jul 9, 2010

It stays on for a long time without feeling heavy. If you...

Location: Greensboro, NC

It stays on for a long time without feeling heavy. If you keep it light with foundation, this is for you. It's very simple and low-maintenance.

Jul 9, 2010

honey is my perfect skintone color!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!...

Location: Undisclosed

honey is my perfect skintone color!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! everyone asks me what i wear and i reply "hello flawless" the response is always "your face really is flawless!" this gets used up quite quickly but its so beautiful that i buy it over and over! love the SPF in it too!!! its so silky and radiant! it's my favorite foundation!

Jul 9, 2010

Great for a smooth complexion! I have to put it on with...

Location: Maine

Great for a smooth complexion! I have to put it on with the brush because I can't get it even with the sponge. It is oo heavy for me to wear in the summer, but it is perfect for winter.

Jul 7, 2010

I really like this product. Its perfect for covering...

Location: Bristol

I really like this product. Its perfect for covering blemishes evenly. Its great to use as a light powder cover, however i find when it is applied as a foundation alone, its a little bit too cakey on my skin.

Jul 6, 2010

Ditched Bare Minerals for Hello Flawless. Love the light,...

Location: Undisclosed

Ditched Bare Minerals for Hello Flawless. Love the light, smooth coverage without all the loose powdery mess. Gave it 4 out of 5 stars because you don't get much product for the $$$.

Jul 2, 2010

Soft and smooth formula, its lovely and not too cakey....

Location: Melbourne

Soft and smooth formula, its lovely and not too cakey. Dont really adore teh scent and package isnt quite Benefit cutesy standard, but i think its good for now. Could be improved, will never reach coverage of playstick but might look great dusted over.

Jul 2, 2010

This is an amazing powder foundation. It's great for...

Location: Undisclosed

This is an amazing powder foundation. It's great for sensitive skin, you control the amount of coverage, the compact is great, sadly my remaining foundation shattered when I dropped it on the floor and had about 2 weeks of product left of all 3 that I purchased. I will purchase again though, this is amazing foundation.

Jun 3, 2010

Love the product! Truly does make my skin look flawless....

Location: Reno, Nv

Love the product! Truly does make my skin look flawless. But sometime I wonder if I am doing something wrong....... Sometimes it makes my skin look a little flaky. Love it though.

May 24, 2010

such A fabulous product! I'm so proud to own such an...

Location: Macclesfield, Manchester

such A fabulous product! I'm so proud to own such an amazing accessory :) now, im always so radiant with my new hello flawless!

May 3, 2010

I like this product, since it seems to fit my skin tone...

Location: Canada

I like this product, since it seems to fit my skin tone almost exactly and it has SPF in it... and I LOVE the brush applicator (which I have already appropriated for other powders). But after going through two boxes of this stuff in a surprisingly short amount of time, I just don't think it's worth it. The packaging is once again cute but not great, although it does travel well, and I did not have any problems with the product crumbling. I would recommend a different powder (I've switched to Clinque powders) for the same price/less and it will last you significantly longer. Benefit, why do you give us so little product in this powder *Sad face*? Would I buy it again? I have bought it twice, but I don't think that I would again (unless they increase the amount of product!).

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