October 30, 2013

After three days of attending the WMCFW shows I pretty much figured out how everything worked. I knew how to get street snapped (wear fur), I knew how to worm my way into front row, and I knew that eating at the Ritz Carlton Cafe inside the tents was the only way I’d be able to fill myself without missing a show (the mozzarella and tomato sandwich was a god send). Here is what went down on day 4 of World Master-card Fashion Week.

whitneylinenss14Whitney Linen:How far can you really make linen go? The question I was asking myself before I saw the Whitney Linen show on day 4 of WMCFW. After the show I knew the answer, “very far if you are Whitney linen”.  After being treated to a glass of champagne and a gift bag in the studio, the show began and it was beautiful (and I’m not just talking about the male models in nothing but a robe). All of the pieces were so perfect for a trip down south, and what could be a better for southern weather than breathable linen? The print tunics, maxi’s and skirts were perfect for brunch and then to the beach, and the rest of the dresses were perfectly elegant for the office, meetings,  dining and cocktails.

targetfw13Target: What else can I say about the Target show that hasn’t already been covered by every blog, TV show and news paper around Canada? Honestly it was just so great. We entered the runway venue to the sounds of Christmas music blaring, bells jingling, target “elves” rolling shopping carts full of presents, and furry blankets and pillows laid out on our chairs. The show opened with super model Erin Wasson and went on to feature lively models actually interacting with each other and the cameras; blowing kisses, winking, and dancing down the runway- creating the best story that got the entire audience in the Christmas spirit.  The show closed with of course, Erin Wasson and the iconic target dog while model’s danced down the runway to the Mariah Carey version of “All I want for Christmas is You” while snow  magically fell from the ceiling.

soiaandkyoss14Soia & Kyo: I have been a fan of Soia & Kyo outerwear ever since working with their products at the boutique back in Halifax. This seasons the collection was full of monochromatic colours that had been showcased all week at the tents. There were some earthy tones like greens and blues that pulled the “Urban Safari” theme together nicely, and the puffers and trenches were the stand outs pieces for me. What really caught my eye during this collection, however, were the rolled up clutches held firmly in the models hands.  Slightly reminiscent to this Jil Sander clutch from a few seasons ago, the literal lunch bag clutch was done by Soia & Kyo in a suede fabric. I think it may be my new favourite style to hold all of my necessities.  Especially if I can smuggle some food in there!

caitlinpowerss14Caitlin Power: With the amount of people crowding into Caitlin Powers show, I knew I was in for a treat. Don’t judge me, but I wasn’t all that familiar with Power’s designs before this week, but after hearing so many amazing things about her clothing, and personality, and especially after seeing her SS/14 show, I am jumping on the Caitlin Power fan boat, because she really is that good. The show was inspired by Power’s recent  trip to  St. Maarten which was evident throughout the collection. From the tribal prints, deep reds and greens, and music selection you could really feel the Caribbean influence. Caitlin designs for the modern business woman, which is evident in her silhouettes (short suits, blazers, pencil length dresses). She is bold, exudes confidence and sex sex appeal, and that is something I think a lot of women want to achieve.
rudsakss14Rudsak: Designer Evik Asatoorian has been in the business for 20 years and has shown at Toronto fashion week as a staple for many of them. The SS/14 collection was all about rock-ability; included in this were python coated leather shorts and vests, mesh overlays and wide-brimmed hats that were extremely wearable with just the right amount of sex appeal. And did you see those metallic silver overalls? They are almost too good to be true!

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