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My Business Staples & The Products I Recommend If You’re Interested in Starting a Blog

October 22, 2018

I started The Blondielocks over 5 years ago (so crazy to think about!) and at that time I never would have anticipated that this blog would grow into what it has. Looking back, I certainly didn’t think that The Blondielocks would become my full-time job around 3 ½ years later, but it has, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful. Read more…

Feminine Factor

July 8, 2013

femininefactor1There are few times in my daily choice of dress that I opt for an outfit that is entirely girly. This outfit has to be the exception. From the peplum top and pointy toe pumps to the ballerina bun and pink nail polish, all of the factors of this outfit scream a very feminine combination.





femininefactor6What I’m Wearing: Peplum top; H&M, Jeans; J.crew, Heels; Guess, Bag; H&M, Sunglasses; Old Navy, Cuff: The Black Market, Bangle; Ettika, Beaded bangle; House of Moda, Rings; here, Earrings; Spring.

Rainy Day People

July 4, 2013

rainydaypeople4Since the weather in Halifax has been overcome with rain the last trillion days, I decided not to let it hinder my spirits any longer and got dressed up in a vintage sequins tunic, threw on my rain-boots and grabbed my trusty umbrella and headed out the door. Jumping around in puddles in a fancy outfit helped with the glum feeling that this weather tends to bring and I can now look forward to a sun filled remainder of the week (fingers crossed)!
rainydaypeople7 rainydaypeople1 rainydaypeople5 rainydaypeople6 rainydaypeople3-3 rainydaypeople8What I’m wearing: Tunic; vintage Frank Usher, Leather shorts; Blank Denim, Boots; Hunter, Clutch, French Connection, Jewellery; Tiffany & co.

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